Gung Harrison Fat Choy! Fraser Valley Dragon Boat Races – our review and results

Gung Harrison Fat Choy!

We all had a lot of fun at the inaugural Fraser Valley Dragon Boat Festival – held at Harrison Lake.

All the paddlers integrated very well.
The Drunkn Dragon paddlers brought lots of humour and teasing to the
boat.  The CC Riders bring some centering, The GVRD 44 Cheeks
paddler/steers brought his camera and love for the team.  And our
GHFC paddlers provide the structure and the foundation.

And when combined – a heckuva lotta fun!
Our veteran paddlers shared their experience and supported our rookies,
and our newbie paddlers rose to the occasion.  Together we won our
first race as a team and it pushed us for medals.

Here's my breakdown of the day…

to share with our paddlers who couldn't make it!

There were 24 teams are randomly seeded.  

First race. 
We place 2nd.
uneven – Bob says the backs are pushing the fronts

2nd race
, We place 3rd.
I explain to the team – that race 2 is the race to
experiment as I switch the lead strokes.
More uneven – Bob says front half and back half were
paddling two different races.  Our slowest race.

24 teams are now settled into 3 categories.
2 heats of women's division
2 heats of Division 2
2 heats of Division 1

3rd race

This is the race that matters.  Only 1st and 2nd place
teams move to the medal round.
We are 7th seed for Division 2.
Switch the lead strokes back – no gap.
I pop into seat 5.
Dave Samis is steering now.

We have our best race ever!
Our time is 2:34.69
We win our first race of the year!
We are now the top seed going into Div 2 Finals
We are racing for medals
Deb is bouncing up and down she is so happy.
She has drummed a winning team!
Bob has to calm her down.

4th Race

Division 4 finals
at the start line – we discover that I don't have a pfd on.  shhh!
Dog fight from start to finish.
We are boat #2 – second from shore.
I paddle the right side, and I can see Boat #1 slowly
pull away from us.  I can hear the drum from boat #3 beside us,
ahead of us, behind us.  I am hoping that it is beside me –
because that would mean they are 5 seats behind our drum.

We cross the finish line.  Only Boat #1 is cheering.
Nobody else is certain of the finish order.
We congratulate everybody on our races.
Bob is at the Finish lane tent with Trev, as DBA was doing the finish line.  We are 4th, by just over 1 second.

Everybody is feeling good about the team, and their
performance.  We gave it our all.

What else?

Mizz Drag-On-Boat contest.
Ian Paul of the Fraser Valley Dragon Boat Club comes by the tent before
the lunch break asking teams to enter a contestant.  Both Bob and
I have our kilts in the cars. I ask the team to vote on having Bob or
myself as our team contestant.  I ask people to put up their hands
to vote for Bob dressing up.  Nobody puts up their hand.  I
ask people to vote for me to dress up.  Everybody puts up their
hand.  As I start to head off to the car to change, Tammy 
offers me her pink bikini swim suit.  Enough said… except that
Jody heard people say that they thought I should have won.
Oh well… what can we do when we make up something on the fly. 
The contestants who won wore evening dresses and put a lot of effort
into their costumes and deserved their tiaras.

Next practice Wednesday 6pm

next race – Richmond or Vernon July 23(if you want to hop another boat – no official GHFC entries)
next race after that…
San Francisco
Vancouver Taiwanese Races

Cheers, Todd

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