GRACE by Joe Ink, at the Chan Centre July 25 NEW MEDIA: Dance and Video

The Chan Centre hosted a special show of GRACE in the Telus Theatre.  Joe Laughlin and Jaime Griffiths of Joe Ink were artists in residence this summer. creating the Move It!
community workshop program.   100 of their closest friends were
invited for a special showing of GRACE before they head off to perform
at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Grace is a multi-media show, or as the buzz word is: New Media. 
Joe dances, Jaime uses video camers hooked up to computers that use
“motion capture” programs that display the images on both a rear screen
and a front scrim.  The result is amazingly beautiful. 
Sometimes we just go to symphonies or music concerts just to hear the
beauty in music, not for any particularly didactic storyline. 
Grace is like that.  It is an exploration of beauty of movement,
image and the interaction thereof.

Chan Centre director Dr. Sid Katz welcomed the audience by saying that
he first saw Joe Ink performing in New York, then London – each time
surprised that the performers were from his home town of
Vancouver.  Finally it was time to get together and give the Chan
Centre space over to these very creative visionaries.  The Telus
Theatre is a black box space – with upper and lower balconies. 
Floor seating can be configured in any possibility.

more later…

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