Saving Vancouver's Chinatown: Vancouver Magazine (Oct) features Joe Wai – my cousin

Vancouver architect Joe Wai is featured in
Vancouver Magazine's October Issue.  The article is titled
Chinatown Calculations and details the questions in saving Vancouver
Chinatown's past and defining its future.  I can proudly say
cousin Joe was one of my early role models growing up.  Because of
the activities of Joe and his brother Hayne, I was able to witness
their involvements and love for Vancouver's Chinatown.  It
definitely sparked my own interests to understand our shared history as
our grandfather Wong Wah had come to Canada at the age of 16, in the

The magazine also features interviews with Fred Mah, Henry Yu and
Jessica Chen-Adams.  Fred is a community leader and director of
the Chinese
Cultural Centre, Henry is a professor of History at UBC, and Jessica is
the City of Vancouver liason for the Vancouver Chinatown Revitalization

The artical also mentions the Chinese Canadian Historical Society of BC
's study of the five buildings in Chinatown.  The article also
poses the interesting question, Who Will Define Our Chinatown? with
some interesting answers.

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