Scripting Aloud Monday Oct 17

Scripting Aloud

Monday Oct 17,
243 West Broadway

Animated reading of scripts – photo courtesy of Kathy Leung

Who: Scriptwriters,
performers, creative media
         industry types

When: Writer/Performer
participant sign-up/lineup @
6 pm

            Event/Audience admission @

What: Event runs no later than
9 pm.

            No registration/admission

            Café stays open; participants are
            to support our co-sponsors by purchasing

            Basic audio/video equipment (if

Joyce Lam, Charlie Cho, and others reading scripts – photo courtesy of Kathy Leung

Scripting Aloud
is a monthly scriptreading and networking event for scriptwriters and
actors that began a limited twelve-month run August 15, 2005 at “Behind
the Scenes” ( performing arts bookstore and
coffee shop in Vancouver. The next reading is Monday, October 17, 2005.

The event generates production-ready film, television, stage and radio
scripts by or about pan-Asian Canadians. Whether you have a
script-in-hand you want to hear read; want to exercise your
interpretive performance skills through reading scripts; or have a
motivated interest in being part of a creative vibe, Scripting Aloud is
a forum for you.
Scripting Aloud is an initiative of Sparked, a Vancouver-based,
non-affiliated networking group of pan-Asian Canadian performing
artists and creative professionals. The current event venue is
co-sponsored by the Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre (VACT; group and “Behind the Scenes.” VACT is interested in producing suitable scripts workshopped through this series for its 2006 lineup.

More information and submission
guidelines below, and at



Script submissions:




Grace Chin – organizer of Scripting Aloud – photo courtesy of Kathy Leung

Below are scripts for the Oct 17th readings….

“A Matter of Truth” by Matt Yoshikazu Gates (approx. 25 p)
2 males (1 late twenties; 1 late teens/early twenties)
2 females (mid twenties)


by Jim Tallman (pp. 27-60 of 120p)
4 males (1 early thirties; 1 late thirties; 1 early forties; 1 late fifties)
5 females (1 early thirties; 2 mid thirties; 1 late thirties; 1 late fifties)


“Blue” by Adam Mars and Azumi Ohara (11 p) * CASTING IN NOVEMBER
1 male (mid forties-mid fifties)
3 females (1 mid teens; 1 mid forties; 1 sixties-mid seventies)


“Cheque Please”
by Kathy Leung (approx. 15 p)
3 males (thirties)
2 females (1 mid thirties; 1 fifties upward)


“That Subtle Knot” by Mario Sasso (approx. pp. 1-25 of 50p)
4 males (1 thirties; 2 forties; 1 mid fifties)
6 females (twenties-thirties)


“Twisting Fortunes”
by Grace Chin & Charlie Cho (approx. pp. 85-100 of 100 p)
1 male (late twenties-early thirties)
1 female (late twenties-early thirties)

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