Commentary: David Wong calls Bill C-333 a Sham on Chinese Head Tax

Commentary: David Wong calls Bill C-333 a Sham on Chinese Head Tax

David Wong
is the guest commentator today.  He wrote an e-mail
about Bill C-333, calling it a sham.  David loves the Lo-Wah-Kui,
Chinese Pioneer heritage of Vancouver.  We met in 1986, while
working on the Saltwater City Project celebrating 100 years of Chinese
history in Vancouver.

David Wong writes:

Subject: Re: Bill C-333 scam and sham – write your MP….

As usual, the Chinese Canadian community has been conquered and
divided. We?ve got boneheads speaking up for us… Boneheads and other
assorted perverts who don't really give a shit about our forefathers
(and moms) about who we are today…why it?s so comfy for them …and
most important, why we're so pissed off.

You get the likes of Mr. [name removed] who crows about being fair and
blah blah blah…but what is so friggen fair about this when these
political opportunists claim legitimacy when in actual fact – are not
even part of real headtax descendants? It's like me, talking about how
painful it is to give childbirth when all I experience is a kidney
stone passing through my squirter.

Give me a friggen break. Why is it that other *visible* communities get
shit loads of money without much fuss, when all we, as descendants of
Head Tax payers get token bullfeathers? Is it because our recent
cousins who just offed the boats recently think they can represent my
grand dad because this politicallycorrect-Canadian shares a common
ethnicity? Boneheads like that don't speak for me. Sid Tan and Victor
Wong do.

Mind you, a lot of “new arrivals” do appreciate the jade brick road paved by our Lo-Wah Kiu ancestors…but they don't speak up.

Go on folks. Make Noise. Raise shit. Listen to the words of “Naam Yi
Dong Ji Keung” (the theme to Wong Fei Hong: Once Upon a time in China)
and get inspired.

Because if you don't, more smooth talking Voids will appear from the
bamboo thicket claiming *they* represent you and your children. And
we've got a whole nest of these buggers running for office again. No
bloody wonder when I look up “Chinese Canadian Politician” in the
dictionary, I get a picture of a greasy hair clown…with the caption,
?”oke of the nation”.

David Wong

PS don't give Paul et al your federal vote. Give him the finger instead.

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