Toddish McWong interview on BBC Radio Scotland for Maggie Shiel's Scotland Licked!

Toddish McWong interview on BBC Radio Scotland for
Maggie Shiel's Scotland Licked!

Yes indeed, Toddish McWong is finally going to Scotland via the
national airwaves of BBC Radio Scotland.  This past week I was
contacted by BBC Radio producer Amraine Rasool. 

I will put on my maple leaf tartan kilt made by Bear Kilts, strap on my
sporran also made by “Bear” himself, and arrive at the CBC Radio
studios in downtown Vancouver at 9am, which is 5pm Scotland time. Maybe
I will even take my accordion with me!

I will let you know when the program actually airs.
Scotland Licked! runs at 11:30 to 12 noon Scotland time which would be 3:30am in the morning!

Listen live to BBC Scotland

Here's an excample of
Scotland Licked’s Menu

Edition Two 14th November 2005

Welcome to BBC Radio Scotland's food
magazine programme where I aim to whet your appetite and find out about
the real people behind the food.  Far from being awash with
celebrity chefs, Scotland Licked will be hooking up with the unsung
heroes and heroines of the kitchen every week.  And through them
I’m going to take you on a journey that will hopefully enlighten and
entertain you about the different cultures and peoples that call this
land home. And, naturally enough, I’ll be celebrating all that is good
about Scottish cooking from handmade oatcakes to handmade humbugs. Come
on a real culinary journey with me, Maggie Shiels, on Scotland Licked
every Monday morning at 1130, I’m sure you won't leave unsatisfied!



If you’ve got any foodie queries
you’d like me to tackle, or if you know someone who deserves to have
their culinary skill brought to light, then get in touch. Here are all
the details you need – you can call, write or email the show.

Scotland Licked
Room 4144, BBC Scotland
Queen Margaret Drive
Glasgow G12 8DG
Tel. 0141 338 3500

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