Hello Scotland: Toddish McWong calling! I talk with BBC Radio Scotland's Maggie Shiels for Scotland Licked!

Hello Scotland:  Toddish McWong calling!  I talk with Maggie Shiels for
BBC Radio Scotland.

morning I donned my kilt and headed down to the CBC Radio studios,
where I was connected to BBC Radio Scotland's Maggie Shiels, host of
the program Scotland Licked!

Maggie has a wonderful Scottish lilt to her warm and friendly speaking voice.  She asked me questions about the origins of how Gung Haggis Fat Choy started up, how I managed to create haggis won ton, and what I do with Robbie Burns' famous “Address to a Haggis.”

It's all about the food, doncha know….  and the stories behind the people who make it happen! 

“You love to tell the stories, Todd!” exclaimed Maggie, when I 
told her how  I bumped into Iain Drummond in Vancouver, a man who
organizes  the Burns Dinner for the Royal Vancouver Yacht club,
when I was knocking on doors  looking for my lost cell
phone.  When I told him his name sounded familiar and asked if he
had ever attended my Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinner, he stated that he had
always wanted to and invited me in to open up a bottle of 6 Isle blend
of Scotch Whiskey…. very smooth.

Maggie tells me that St. Andrew's Day
is coming up soon on November 30th, and did I have any plans to
celebrate?  Not quite sure what St. Andrew is the patron Saint
of… I assure her that I hadn't made any plans yet, but now that I
know about it, I will be sure to do something for St. Andrew's
Day.  But knowing that St. Cecilia Day was coming up (Nov 21), I told Maggie that I would be playing my accordion for the patron Saint of Music.

If you want to listen to the upcoming interview live – you can set your computer to BBC Radio Scotland
Check out www.gunghaggisfatchoy.com
and I will let you know when the program actually airs.  Scotland
Licked! runs at 11:30 to 12 noon Scotland time which would be 3:30am in
the morning!  But they will have it archived on their website, so
you can listen to it at your leisure.

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