Hanson Lau press conference: PM's apology “not good enough”

Hanson Lau press conference: PM's apology “not good enough”

Hanson Lau held a press conference Thursday morning with
representatives from the head tax survivor and descendant community,
such as John Wong and Foon Chan – all seniors whose respective
grandfather and father-in-law had paid the head tax, and whose families
were separated by the Chinese Exclusion Act.

All said that Paul Martin's “apology was not good enough”

“If Paul Martin is really sincere, he should commit to making a formal
apology in the House of Commons,” said John Wong – a head tax
descendant who grew up separated from his father because of the
Exclusion Act, and was only able to come to Canada in the late 1950's.

Hanson Lau
was a radio commentator when he first invited people to bring head tax
certificates to his office, in the 1980's, and helped to lead the head
tax redress movement at the time.  He is featured and interviewed
in the NFB film directed by Karen Cho, In the Shadow of Gold Mountain, which will again be shown this Sunday at 10pm PST on CBC Newsworld.

More related stories in the media are reporting that many Chinese Canadians are unhappy with Martin's  head tax apology

Apology unwelcome
24 Hours Vancouver, Canada
Mr. Martin's apology is very insincere,” said Hanson Lau, a former Chinese radio broadcaster involved in the head tax redress movement.

Political debate heats up over Chinese head tax
CBC News, Canada – 12 hours ago
federal Liberal cabinet minister says he's changed his mind and
Chinese-Canadians who paid the head tax to enter Canada should receive
an official apology

Martin's apology for head tax 'just the beginning' for voters
Globe and Mail, Canada
medals to the headtax payers equivalent in value to $500. Since the 1980s, former radio commentator Hanson Lau said there was always demand for an apology and

PM sorry for head tax Globe and Mail

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