Global National with Kevin Newman: Ethnic issues election report from Vancouver Chinatown

Global News with Kevin Newman: Ethnic issues election report from Vancouver Chinatown

Deb Martin and Todd Wong meet Kevin Newman –  the 2005 Gemini Award winning “Best News Anchor.”

Kevin Newman and the Global National news report gave a special
Election Report on how ethnic issues are helping to shape the 2005
Election issues.   Kevin Newman examines the issue

The show was recorded live at Dr. Sun Yat Sen Gardens
in Vancouver Chinatown. We were sitting in our seats at 2pm, ran
through some practices, then went live to the nation from 3:30pm to
4pm.  It was great to be part of the audience.  Sid Tan,
Harvey Lee and myself were there from the BC Coalition for Head Tax
, Their Spouses, and Descendants.

Imtiaz Popat (front row) talks with
Todd Wong (2nd row) while Sid Tan watches the Global National team
prepare the show, Charlene Sayo of the Filipino Youth Alliance is in
the 3rd Row – photo Deb Martin.

REAL DEAL: Immigrant Issues
“From the manicured greenery of the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Gardens in
Vancouver's Chinatown, Global National's Kevin Newman explores the
immigrant issues that are becoming a major electoral factor, and will
play a significant role in shaping the next government of Canada.”

Kevin Newman opened

with this statement.
Named after the Chinese leader who plotted to overthrow the last
emperor of China while exiled in Vancouver, the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Gardens
is the scene of Tuesday night's immigration-themed broadcast

It was great to sit at the Sun Yat Sen Gardens and share with them that my Great-Great-Grandfather
Rev. Chan Yu Tan had helped to raise funds in Vancouver for Dr. Sun Yat
Sen.  It was also my cousin Joe Wai who served as the architect for the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Classical Gardens and the brand new Hall of One Hundred Rivers where the Global Newscast was held.

I did get to speak – I answered the question “How did the leaders do on the debate?”

I said :

“Jack Layton came out swinging – looking strong.  Stephen Harper looks
like he is just trying to avoid making any mistakes.  Paul Martin is
looking tired – probaby becuase of the head tax issue.”

I should have said:

Kevin – today's show is about ethnic election issues – but the Head Tax
redress and exclusion act IS an issue for All Canadians.  Nobody
mentioned the Liberal flip flop on the apology issue.  If I was on that
stage, I would have told Canadians what a real apology should sound

Paul Martin's summary was all about Canadian values and his
actions in the last week don't give him any back bone at all.  In fact
it looks like he tried to avoid any mention of head tax apology or
redress, because he is looking so poorly on the issue. 

Stephen Harper is just
trying not to make a mistake.  He is very cautious.  He was the last
opposition leader to come out in support of an apology in parliament,
rescind the Aip, and they have been uncommitting to individual
compensation.  He's not showing passion because he doesn't want people
to see how scary he really is. 

Jack Layton came out swinging and
remained strong.  He was the first leader to talk about the need for a
full redress that includes an apology, individual compensation for
survivors, rescinding the AiP – To me, Jack Layton reflected the values
of honesty, integrity and justice – he's not just paying lip service.

Hindsight (sigh) is always better….

Have to remember what I really want to say – instead of just answering the question.

Todd Wong, Deb Martin and Harvey Lee
(back row) with Imtiaz Popat and Sid Tan (front row) in the audience at
the Global News Report from Dr. Sun Yat Sen Gardens

We saw a clip that Global reporter Jas Johal did on the Chinese Head
Tax issue.  We were excited to see our friends Daniel and Cynthia
briefly interviewed as they showed the certificate of their
ancestors.  Raymond Chan was also included saying the same old
lines, no doubt David Emerson will soon shift the bar and leave Raymond
behind again.  Of special note – a 95 year old survivor is
interviewed saying that she was her money back.  See the
clip:  Jas Johal on Chinese Head Tax issue

Kevin Newman asked Sid Tan
(Chinese Canadian National Council) about the power of block voting regarding the head tax issue.

Sid Tan
:  I think that in terms of block voting there are small differences
within the blocks, but I can tell you on the head tax issue, which has
got to do with the older overseas chinese, people with roots here for
over a hundred 150 years, they are really coming on side, about a month
ago, 150 grannies and granpas actually welcomed Paul Martin to sign an
Agreement-in-Principle in Chinatown.  And that Aip and the apology
for the head tax, all three opposition parties have agreed, to the the
rescinding of the principle, and have agreed to an apology and now the
Liberals have agreed to an apology.

Kevin Newman
So you have had real impact by voting as a block and moving opinion.

Steve Kaufmann
(The Linguist Institute):   All issues affect all Canadians, and even the head tax affects all Canadians.

Which party and leader best understands the issues facing Canada's immigrants and minority issues




Bloc Quebecois 

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