What to do with leftover haggis? Superbowl Scottish paté!

What to do with leftover haggis?  Superbowl Scottish paté!

Just what does one do with leftover haggis? 

Usually I always encourage people to serve it up as a “Scottish paté” for Super Bowl parties…
haggis from Peter Black & Sons, is always like a nice paté already,
especially with the nice liver and spice mixutre.  At the January
15th Cric? Crac! put on by the Vancouver Storytellers Society,
organizer Mary Gavan had made up a nice haggis paté that people were
all trying.

I always have some one pounders of  haggis left
over from the Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinner.  They freeze very
well.  If you buy them at the store they usually come frozen and
can be readily defrosted.

Haggis lends itself very well to
fusion cooking.  In 2004, I helped to lead a Gung Haggis Fat Chili
team of Vancouver Public Library employees in the City of Vancouver
annual United Way Chili Cook-off.  People couldn't believe we
actually made a chili with haggis, that tasted very…. uh….
haggis-sy.  I LOVED our chili, and took the remainders home and
ate lots and lots of it.  My girlfriend even admitted it was a
good chili – for one made with haggis.

Adam Protter founder of the Whistler home edition of Gung Haggis Fat Choy, amd presiding chef of Big Smoke restaurant in Mt. Currie, has pioneered another  haggis fusion culinary dish.

Adam writes

I felt moved to pass on my latest discovery.

This morning I fried up my last slices of hoarded haggis with some eggs and tomato slices.
then topped the haggis & eggs with Lingham's & Sons Chili Sauce
from Malaysia. I had tasted combo this once before using Thai Kitchen
Sweet Chili sauce and was intrigued but not excited.

Well, as the truly
remarkable Hobbit Samwise Hamfast once remarked “Quality is as

does!”.  Lingham's, with it's old fashioned quality, simple ingredients,
all natural, no tomatoes, no preservatives was the kicker. It's hotter,
sweeter and cleaner tasting than all the rest and it makes haggis sing!

Yet another example of how East meets West and ends up tasty!

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