CBC Radio: Janice Wong & CHOW on “Freestyle” Radio 1 – 1:30pm

CBC Radio:  Janice Wong & CHOW on “Freestyle” Radio 1 –
2:30pm EST Toronto – Friday February 10th

in BC – listen on the web at 3:30pm PST on the web

For Vancouverites who don't get the second half of the program via  
radio, The CBC people tell me that it is possible to listen online.

If you go to this link and then choose "Victoria", at 2.30 you can
catch the interview.


Janice Wong is hitting the CBC radio national airwaves again. 
Jance has just returned from Toronto for promotions for CHOW where I
set up a dinner for her to meet her father's cousins's family and
She writes:

be dishing from my book “Chow” again, this time on CBC's afternoon show
called “Freestyle”, CBC Radio 1 at around 1.30 Toronto time….a
10-minute interview.

coming up is a 1/2-hour interview on “Fine Print” on Rogers TV in
Toronto…I'll let you know the date and time when I receive the

Thanks for tuning in.

Best wishes, Janice

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