Happy Flag Day…. Canada!

Happy Flag Day…. Canada!

It is the birthday of the Canadian Flag – our Maple Leaf Forever, adopted on Feb 15, 1965.

This will be the first day I celebrate Flag Day, but I will be doing it in style.

The Canadian Club, one of Canada's oldest clubs, hosts a “Order of
Canada / Flag Day” luncheon.  We will celebrate the newest BC
recipients of the Order of Canada, as well as cut a huge birthday cake
for Flag Day.

Four Seasons Hotel.  12 noon to 2pm.  Tickets reserved in advance only.

This is a prestigious and sold out event.  Many members of the
Order of Canada will be attending including Patrick Reid, former Expo
86 commisioner, and present advisor for the Canadian Club. 
Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan received his Order of Canada last

The great thing about this event is that every public school in
Vancouver is invited to bring one administrator and one student
deserving of attending.  The students are sponsored, and they sit
amongst many of the past Order of Canada recipients.

This year's keynote speaker is Joy Kogawa.  (And yes, I admit to
having helped make the arrangements, as well as arranging CBC Radio
broadcaster Margaret Gallagher to be the MC.)  Joy received the
Order of Canada in 1986 and she has also received honours from 6
Canadian universities that include a Fellow, Doctor of Laws, Doctor of
Letters and a Doctor of Divinity.

Among this year's BC recipients  announced on August 29th 2005
were two of my favorite artists: writer Wayson Choy, author of Jade
Peony, whom I got to know during the Vancouver Public Library's
inaugural One Book One Vancouver program in 2002; musician Diana Krall,
whose career I have followed since she first opened for the Vancouver
Jazz Festival in 1997.

Having special meaning for me is the inclusion of  Dr. Wallace
Chung, who has made incredible contributions in philanthropy to the
Chinese Cultural Centre, the Asian Library of UBC, and the Vancouver
Maritime Museum.  Dr. Wally's wife Madeline Chung is also a
doctor… and I think she is just as proud to tell everybody that she
delivered me, as I am to say the same.  It will be good to see
them again.

The newest Order of Canada recipients were named on Feb 3, and include
David Suzuki being promoted to the Companion of Canada – the highest
honour.  Governor General announces new appointments to the Order of Canada

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