Meeting for all head-tax payers, spouses, descendants and supporters – April 19 – SUCCESS Choi Hall

Meeting for all head-tax payers, spouses, descendants and supporters – April 19 – SUCCESS Choi Hall

The following message is from Sid Tan, a leading advocate for Chinese Canadian head tax redress:

The BC Coalition is holding a meeting at 7:00 pm on Wednesday April 19,
2006 at SUCCESS Choi Hall (28 W. Pender, Vancouver) for head-tax payers,
spouses, descendants and supporters…..

Due to the government consultations at 7:00
pm on April 21 at the Gateway Theatre in Richmond (6500 Gilbert Road), our
meeting on April 19 will provide updates and information. It is hoped head-tax
families will discuss and prepare for the April 21 meeting when the
wants to hear from them.

To this end, the BC Coalition, with the assistance of ACCESS, will be
a media briefing at 10:30 am on Monday April 17 at 7680 River Road (one
southwest of Cambie and No. 3 Road, Richmond) to promote the meeting
for head-
tax families as noted above. The venue is provided by Hanson Lau Travel
many of you will know he has been a redress champion from the

We need everyone's help to get as many people out as we can for the
meeting. If you wish to volunteer (meeting and greeting, help give and
information, setting up chairs at 5:30 pm and tearing down), please
Harvey Lee email: or me so we can co-ordinate.

For the time being, pass the Wednesday April 19 SUCCESS meeting to your
networks judiciously. We do want the media at our briefing and this is
news we have and hope they cover.

Media Advisory – April 16, 2006

For Immediate Release

Vancouver BC –

The BC Coalition of Head Tax Payers, Spouses and
is calling for a meeting of head-tax payer families and their
supporters to
prepare for the federal government consultations on Chinese head-tax
in Richmond on April 21, 2006. 

The government is moving quickly on the

Suggested quote:
“Redress will lose much of its meaning if there are no surviving
payers and spouses to receive it,” states Havey Lee, a BC Coalition
spokesperson and son of a head-tax payer.

 “The government is providing
opportunity for head-tax payer families to voice their concerns. The BC
Coalition appreciates this and will move swiftly to assist as best we
towards a just and honourable redress.”

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