Silver Star IS multicultural behind the scenes…. + Dummy Gelunde jumping

Silver Star IS multicultural behind the scenes…. + Dummy Galunga-sprunging

Trevor is the first Caribbean-Canadian professional ski-patroller I have ever met.  Born in Canada, like myself – we had a bonding moment – photo Deb Martin.

There are Chinese-Australians speaking with Aussie accents in the Ski Dazzle retail store.  There is a Scottish-Canadian Ski Tour partner.  There is a Caribbean-Canadian ski patroller.  There is a bavarian style Beiregarten selling Mexican Corona beer.  And I have just discovered there is a Scottish Highland piping and dancing summer program called Piping Hot Summer Drummer.

I can't believe that I have skiied 3 days in a row. My body is sore and aching, I am exhausted. But I couldn't pass up the Easter Weekend Ski Pass special for $50. I arrived in Vernon BC, late on Friday afternoon. I skiied Saturday, Sunday and now Monday.

The last time I skiied Silver Star had been in 1977, when I was still 16 years old. The resort has changed, and grown HUGE. My body has changed and I can't do the same ski ballet or freestyle tricks that I used to. My body is exhausted.
The sun was shining over Kalamalka Lake when I woke up this morning, and I knew I wanted to get one more day of skiing in. The two previous days had snowed a lot, with only brief periods of sunshine. I knew that I really wanted to go home with “skiier tan.”

I skiied on my own, disappointed that there were no complimentary tour guides available. I had taken a tour on Saturday afternoon, and had met a wonderful man named David Todd, who not only had been born in Glasgow, but was a friend of my girlfriend's parents.
I skiied green and blue runs, avoiding the black diamond expert runs. My thighs, arms and ab muscles all were sore, with each big bounce on the snow.

Throughout the day, I met many people vacationing at Silver Star, or who now lived in Greater Vernon.  I met a couple originally from Czechoslovakia, moving to Canada in 1980.  I met a woman who is originally Swiss, and who married a Canadian.  She told me that they have lived all around the world, but always came back to Vernon for holidays, and now live near Kalamalka Lake.  Their 12 year old daughter speaks four languages.

Deb and I stand in front of the Silver Star ski trail map.  I am wearing my Easter Egg colours – photo Pat Martin

My girlfriend and her mother came up to Silver Star to meet me for lunch, as I called it a day and put my skis away. After lunch specials from the Town Hall restaurant, we walked around the Victoria styled village, and poked around in the shops. I bought about 10 wool and fleece hats for $2 each, marked down from $21 to $45. Many of them were junior sized. Boy… my nephew is going to like the hats that Uncle Todd will be giving to him.
The three sales women at the counter were all from Australia, even the Chinese girl all spoke with Aussie accents.

I also met a Ski patroller named Trevor.  Trevor described his heritage as West Indian from the Caribbean, even though he was born in Canada.  “Just like the Jamaican boblsed team!” he exclaimed.
I called him the first Caribbean ski patroller I have ever met! 

David Todd is a Glasgow born Scot, who came to Canada 30 years ago.  We met on the Saturday, when I took a Ski partners tour with him.  We hit it off immediately and had a great time.  He and his wife, even saw me on television being interviewed about Gung Haggis Fat Choy, my Robbie Burns Chinese New Year dinner event.  Next year, we should have one in Vernon – photo Deb Martin

We took a drive to see all the individual homes that have been built in the area, then walked by the skating pond, and the Tube riding centre. Here we saw the Tube Town staff putting the final touches to their entry for the Dummy Gelunde jumping contest. It was a wooden replica of a John Deere bulldozer, set on skis. The driver's body was stuffed with hay, and was named after the “boss” of Tube Town.

This is Tube Town -home to ice-skating and inner tubing at Silver Star.  The staff made a John Deere wooden tractor and named it “Deere Jon” because their boss is named Jon – photo Todd Wong

On the last day of each ski season, Silver Start invites all its different departments, and businesses in the community to create a entry for this special race. Many other ski resorts have contests where people have to ski over/ or jump over a pond. In this case, they create a contraption on skis that includes a “dummy.” There are 3 categories that are judged: 1) Best Dressed; 2) Biggest Air; 3) Best crash.
It was a great event to watch. All the businesses and departments had shut down early, so everybody could participate and watch. It was a really good community atmosphere.

The MC announcer was Heather McLellan, who does the Events at Silver Star, and who also happens to be former Canadian ski champion Rob Boyd's sister. Heather did a great job explaining the event, and describing each entry and the department/ business that entered.
There was one entry with a snowman sitting on a toilet, mounted on skis.
There was an entry with “Queen Kong” sitting in a tri-plane.
There was an entry with “Aung Gladys”, a dummy in a racer's tuck position.
Tomorrow I will post pictures, and describe more of the event.

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