CBC Radio: The North By Northwest Cooking Club – share your favorite cookbook story

CBC Radio: The North By Northwest Cooking Club – share your favorite cookbook story

I have just discovered the CBC Radio North by Northwest Cooking Club

They have a contest to share a story about your favorite cookbook.  You can win a copy of the CBC cookbook “Flavours of Vancouver: Dishes from Around the World

Here is my story:

I was in grade 7, when I purchased the Charlie Brown Cook Book… and I loved reading the cartoons more than the recipes.

I have
a small cook book collection that takes up 1 1/2 shelves on my book
case.  There are cook books that emphasize vegetarian, seafood or
grilled foods.  I even have Sarah McLachlan's book “Plenty” and a
book by Naked Chef Jaime Oliver.

I listened to CBC radio one time, and they were interviewing chef

Puck, when he was still working in Vancouver, but was out on Vancouver
Island's wild west coast with Westcoast Expeditions for a kayaking
tour.  He was talking about sea asparagus, and I had to try
it.  I even went on the West Coast expeditions kayak tour and had
incredible huge halibut steaks cooked over the fire, by owner/host
Rupert Wong.

all-time favorite cook book is now “Chow” by Janice Wong.  Janice
has created a new genre – the family memoir cook book.  She has
taken the recipes that her father used in his restaurant in Prince
Albert SK.

It's a
special book because Janice's great grandfather was Rev. Chan Yu Tan,
who came to Canada as a Christian Missionary.  Janices grandmother
was my great-grandmother's younger sister.  So it was especially
wonderful to hear about family stories that I didn't know even
existed.  It's hard to believe that we had never met before, even
though we both share a strong interest in family history.

It was great to read about her father Dennis, Rev. Chan Yu Tan, and

grand uncle Luke who became an actor in Hollywood Movies.  One
time, Janice excitedly contacted me when she had found one of Uncle
Luke's movies on-line – one that he actually starred in – “The
Mysterious Mr. Wong.”

first contacted me asking to help invite family members to her book
launch.  I have since followed much of the media and events
surrounding Chow, even being a panelist at Janice's presentations at
the West Vancouver and Vancouver Public libraries.

girlfriend has really taken the book to heart, preparing some of the
recipes for me.  Chow is very special to me, because it really
symbolizes my wonderful new friendship with a formerly unkown 2nd

Check out Janice Wong's websites

FOR MY BOOK  http://c-h-o-w.blogspot.com

FOR ME http://what-is-she-up-to.blogspot.com

And I'm updating the http://www.janicewongstudio.com site...new
images coming in June!!!!!!!

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