Asian Canadian Culture Online Project: now on video – historic Nov 26 Head Tax redress protest

Asian Canadian Culture Online Project: 
now on video – historic Nov 26 Head Tax redress protest

Check out the ASIAN CANADIAN Culture Online Project.  There is a
whole collection of stories, art projects etc created by Asian Canadian

I was really surprised to discover a video of the Nov 26 protest,
against the ACE program proposed by the Liberal Government and the
National Congress of Chinese Canadians – which called for NO APOLOGY
and NO Compensation – only Acknowledgement, Commemoration and Education.

Presently the Conservative government is consulting Chinese Canadians
across the country and promising Apology, Comensation for head tax
payers and spouses.  Hopefully head tax sons and daughters will
not be Excluded from collecting for their predeceased fathers and
mothers who paid the head tax but who did not live long enough for
Apology and Compensation.

Check out this video – if you look and listen carefully, you will see
me holding a megaphone and leading chants of “Apology Now,” “We want
Head Tax Payer Redress”, and even “NCCC – doesn's speak for me!”

Calling for a Just and Honourable Redress

Vancouver, British Columbia

picture:  PM Paul Martin arrives amidst protestors in Vancouver Chinatown

Film Synopsis

On November 26, 2005, government compliant groups met at the Chinese
Cultural Centre in Vancouver to put forward a “no apology, no compensation”
agreement-in-principle between the National Congress of Chinese Canadians
and the Liberal federal government represented by Multiculturalism Minister
Raymond Chan.

Individuals and community groups, representing head-tax payers, their
spouses, descendants and supporters organized a leafletting and information
line at the conference and subsequent photo opportunity attended by Prime
Minister Paul Martin at the SUCCESS complex in Chinatown.

The shorter online version is from a longer report produced by the Saltwater
City Television Collective and broadcast on the Shaw community channel in
Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley. Thanks to Karin Lee, Donna Lee and Jane
Kokan for use of video footage.


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