Gung Haggis dragon boat team at ADBF regatta

Gung Haggis dragon boat team at ADBF regatta

This Sunday our Gung Haggis Fat Choy Kogawa House dragon boat team is racing at the Alcan Dragon Boat Festival Regatta for 3 races.  The ADBF regatta has 4 sessions.  Saturday morning, Saturdary afternoon, Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon.  GHFC KH races Sunday afternoon.

So…. No practice on Sunday at 1pm…  the regatta IS our practice

meet at 11:30am – We will set up a tent, get organized, run our
warmups, do some visualization training, and be ready to be marshalled
by 12:30pm.

We will also watch the final races for the morning regatta, which will finish by 12 noon.

Our first race is 1pm.
This means we must be ready to marshall by 12:30pm, on the boats early and on the water by 12:45pm.

if we finish 1-3 we go to heat #6 semi-final

if we finish 4-6 we go to heat #5 semi-final

we could end up in A final at 3:45
B final at 3:30
C final at 3:15
D final at 3:00

My guess is that we will end up in C final or B final.

of the teams we are racing have NOT done any races at all yet.  Some of
the teams have strong and powerful or younger paddlers.  Some are very
experienced like the Laoyam Eagles – a junior team from Pemberton – but
raced in both youth and Competitive division.  They also went to 1991
World Championships.

Should be fun….
don't have a weather forcast for Sunday yet – but the sun should come out for the weekend.

I will form race rosters for each race so that we can rotate all of our available paddlers.

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