Chinese Head Tax information and stories. Where to go? What to find?

Chinese Head Tax information and stories.  Where to go?  What to find?

The Head Tax issue affects many Canadians – not just
Chinese-Canadians.  I am a 5th generation descendant of Rev. Chan
Yu Tan, who came to Canada in 1896.  My father's father, Wong Wah,
came to Canada in 1888 at age 16, and later managed his brother's store
as it became the largest Chinese merchant store in Victoria's Chinatown.

I am also a committee member for the BC Coalition of Head Tax Payers,
Spouses and Descendants.  I first became interested in the issue
back in the mid-1980's when I attended a meeting organized by community
leaders, where I saw Margaret Mitchell, Tommy Tao and Roy Miki
speak.  In April 25th, 2006, I met Parliamentary Secretary Jason
Kenney when he came to Vancouver for a Community meeting, held at the
Richmond Gateway Theatre.

Today, there are many questions about head tax registration and for information.

People can go to the websites listed below for head tax
registration with community groups.  This information will be presented
to the Government to help identify head tax certificate information. 
It is NOT official government registration.

BC Coaltion for Head Tax Payers, Spouses and Descendants.

Chinese Canadian National Council

Ontario Coalition for Head Tax Payers and Families

Vancouver Public Library is now inundated with patrons seeking head tax information.  Click on
Head Tax Information – info sheets are available in CHINESE and ENGLISH

For stories on head tax issues collected and/or written by Todd Wong:

Chinese Canadian Historical Society of BC

See the video of the historic November 26th, 2005 protest against
Liberal PM Paul Martin and the Agreement in Principle signing of the
ACE program.

Calling for a Just and Honourable Redress

Vancouver, British Columbia

picture:  PM Paul Martin arrives amidst protestors in Vancouver Chinatown

Film Synopsis

On November 26, 2005, government compliant groups met at the Chinese
Cultural Centre in Vancouver to put forward a “no apology, no compensation”
agreement-in-principle between the National Congress of Chinese Canadians
and the Liberal federal government represented by Multiculturalism Minister
Raymond Chan.

Individuals and community groups, representing head-tax payers, their
spouses, descendants and supporters organized a leafletting and information
line at the conference and subsequent photo opportunity attended by Prime
Minister Paul Martin at the SUCCESS complex in Chinatown.


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