What can we say about Multiculturalism? That it's time has come? and we are now post-multicultural.

What can we say about Multiculturalism? 

That it's time has come?

and we are now post-multicultural.

Okay…. I was interviewed this morning at CBC Radio studios for a show
that will air this summer.  It will be called “The
Contrarians.”  I can't tell you anything more, other than it will
air on mid-week mornings, somewhere between “The Current” and “Sounds
Like Canada”on CBC Radio One (690 AM in Vancouver).  It's going to
be intellectually explosive and thought provoking and the producers
still want to keep the details secret for now.  They don't have
the official CBC website up for the show yet.

Wait… I just found out more on Tod Maffin's blog site.


Tuesday: 9:30-10:00 am
Wednesday: 7:30-8:00 pm
Host: Jesse Brown
Originating from Toronto
The Contrarians is a radio show about unpopular ideas that just might
be right. Each week, host Jesse Brown invites listeners to step outside
of their intellectual comfort zones and try an unorthodox opinion on
for size. You may be surprised by what starts making sense.

I was invited last week to be interviewed by host Jesse Brown. 
Somehow the producers found my website, and liked my ideas about
interculturalism, since I say we are actually now living in a
post-multicultural world.

We talked a bit about my unique perspective being a 5th generation
Chinese Canadian head tax descendant, as well as the creator of Gung
Haggis Fat Choy – that Robbie Burns Chinese New Year Dinner that I do
every year, and why on earth would a Chinese guy wear a kilt while
paddling on a dragon boat.

But you, dear faithful reader already know all that….  because
you and many others faithfully click on to www.gunghaggisfatchoy.com to
find out the latest in Toddish McWong's intercultural adventures in

Just imagine…  Todd Wong, will be espousing his views of the
importance of inter-racial marriage on national radio, while
criticizing popular concepts of “multiculturalism” in Canada. 
Personally, I think it is terrible when government officials pay
lipservice to Canada's or Vancouver's cultural diversity, making
references to it, or trotting out multicultural dance troupes to
perform on display, on cue”

look at the wonderful multicultural world we live in.  But no…
we don't support redress for Chinese Canadian head tax issues, and
no… we won't give money to save Joy Kogawa's childhood home from
destruction.  Those are Asian ethnic issues… not Canadian

As you can guess…  I personally don't like being stereotyped or gift wrapped as an example of multicuturalism.

What did I say?  Some surprising things… that you will have to
wait until the show airs.  And being a multi-generational
Canadian, I also had some things to say about new immigrants to Canada

Tune in…. details released as soon as I recieve them.

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