Chinese Head-tax payer, Families to pray Government has courage: Call on Kuan Kung

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Media Advisory: For Immediate Release – June 8, 2006

Chinese Head-tax Payer, Families To Pray
Government Has Courage:

Call on Kuan Kung
(patron saint of Chinese Sojourners)
In Quest to Seek Justice

Vancouver BC – Charlie Song Now Quan and representatives of head-tax payer
families and ACCESS Association of Chinese Canadians of Chinese Canadians
for Equality and Solidarity Society will ask Kuan Kung to strengthen and give
courage to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government.

Currently, they are considering an apology and appropriate redress package to affected
victims of 62-years of Chinese head tax and exclusion laws. Mr. Quan is one of
less than two dozen surviving Chinese head tax payers. Also in attendance will be
Gim Foon Wong, the 82-year old World War Two airforce veteran who rode his
motorcycle across Canada in a Ride for Redress in 2005.

Where: Quon Lung Sai Tong
164 East Hastings Street, Vancouver
When: 2:00pm, June 9, 2006

Quon Lung Sai Tong an association consisting of members with the Chinese
surname spelt in English as Quon, Quan, Kwan, Kwon and Kuan and other
variations. Lung Sai is the birthplace of Kuan Kung, the legendary warrior
scholar respected for loyalty, trust, righteousness and cooperation. He along
with his two sworn brothers are celebrated heroes in the tale, "Romance of the
Three Kingdoms."

Quoted from

“Kuan Kung was well known as a righteous and loyal general. In a battle with
Ts'ao Ts'ao, the leader of an opposing kingdom, he was defeated and arrested by
Ts'ao. Ts'ao, impressed by his righteousness and courage, treated him well and
asked him to serve in his kingdom. But Kuan was loyal to his elder sworn
brother, Liu. He declined the offer and returned to Liu.

Many years later, Kuan was requested by his army adviser Chu Ko Liang to fight
against Ts'ao. Knowing that Ts'ao was once kind to Kuan, Chu asked that Ts'ao's
life should not be spared if Kuan won the battle; otherwise Kuan would be
beheaded instead.

Kuan went to war and defeated Ts'ao. In remembrance of the kindness and comfort
given to him by Ts'ao before, he let Ts'ao go and prepared to be beheaded upon
return. Impressed by his kindness and generosity, Chu spared "his head." It was said
that Chu, being a farsighted adviser, knew by fortune-telling that Ts'ao would not die
in that battle; he sent Kuan there so as to test his righteousness and loyalty
(K. Cheong, interview, 1977).”

ACCESS is a not-for-profit anti-racism, human rights and social justice society
as well as a community television corporation. It is an affiliate of the
Chinese Canadian National Council and a member of the National Anti-Racism
Council of Canada and STATUS Coalition. ACCESS works with other equality
seeking organizations to fight racism and discrimination, to advance the rights
of citizens and migrants living in Canada and to press the federal government
to redress the Chinese Head Tax and Exclusion Acts.

CCNC is a national human rights organization with 27 chapters across Canada.
Established in 1979, it has campaigned since 1984 with other redress-seeking
groups including the BC Coalition of Head Tax Payers, Spouses and
Descendants (BC Coalition), Association of Chinese Canadians for Equality and
Solidarity (ACCESS), Ontario Coalition of Chinese Head Tax Payers and Families
(Ontario Coalition), and Chinese Canadian Redress Alliance (CCRA) for Chinese
head-tax and exclusion redress.

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Toronto: Victor Wong -

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