Alcan Dragon Boat races: Gung Haggis Fat Choy Kogawa House first race in #18 heat, 11:07am

Alcan Dragon Boat races:  Gung Haggis Fat Choy Kogawa House first race in #18 heat, 11:07am

For Race information:
got to:

Please go by the race number – if the races are running late or early, we will still be in the same race number.

Race #18   – Gemini Boat – 11:07 am

lane 2  –  Dragon Hearts CCPC
lane 3  – Kryptic Storm
lane 4  – Lotus Sports Club Mixed
lane 5  – Dragon Hearts Team Ultimate
lane 6 –  Wasabi Warriors
lane 7  –  Dragon's Breath
lane 8 – Gung Haggis Fat Choy Kogawa House

5th place to race #42 – 3:45pm
6th place to race #44 – 4:07pm
7th place to race #40 – 3:23pm

Okay…. how does this work?
This is a seeding race, with top seed placed in lane #5, then lane #4, #6, # 3, # 7, #2, #8, #1, #9. 
Teams have been pre-ranked according to abilitiy and race finishes from
this year and last year.  So… we are expected to finish in 7th place,
whilte the top seed is expected to win the race. 

The 2nd race in the afternoon further is supposed to confirm we are in
the lower half,  or percentile of the 150 teams entered in the Adult
Mixed division.

Then on Sunday morning we will be in semi-finals for either
Competitive A, Comp B, Comp C, or Recreation A, B, C, D, E, F… etc. 
Sunday afternoon race is for a medal, or bragging rights in the
consolation final.

The idea of these seeding races is to presort all the teams according
to some sort of “magical formula” so that every team will be in a race
with teams their own performance ability for the final races on
Sunday.  With 140 adult teams + 31 Junior teams 46 adult teams in Pool
A, 46 in Pool B, and 45 in Pool C for 137 adult teams + 31 Junior teams
+ 5 Grandmaster teams – logistics can be a nightmare…  or at least
keep you awake at night.  I was on the ADBF race committeee for 2001,
2002 and 2003.

Trust that the top 18 teams will be sorted out for Comp A Division, 
the next 18 for Comp B, then Comp C.  then Rec A to F.  Hmmm…. 8 X 18
= 144.  not too far off from 137.

Expect to come 6th, 7th or 8th in Saturday races, then on Sunday
morning semi-finals… 1st to 4th gets us into into the medal round. 
5th to 9th goes to the consolation.

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