Sunday visit to Dr. Sun Yat Sen Gardens, dim sum and dragon boats

Sunday visit to Dr. Sun Yat Sen Gardens, dim sum and dragon boats

The Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team has a tradition of visiting the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Gardens, learning some Tai Chi exercises, then incorporating Chinese concepts of harmony and balance, yin and yang into our dragon boat practice.

The Chinese Classical garden in Vancouver is named after Dr. Sun Yat Sen, known as the “father of modern China.”  My great-great grandfather Rev. Chan Yu Tan, met Dr. Sun Yat Sen on at least 1 of his 3 visits to Vancouver to help develop support for the revolution that overthrew the last imperial dynasty of China to create democratic reform in China.

My cousin Joe Wai was the architect for the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden, which is modeled after gardens in Suchow, China.

Check out events at the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Gardens such as the Enchanted Evenings music series, founded by my friend Qiu Xia He, leader of Silk Road Music.

Highlights of Sunday's dragon boat practice were:

Tour and Qi Gong exercise at Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden.

We experienced harmony and balance in the garden, along with Chinese history in Canada and China.
Steven Wong and myself explained Chinese yin yang  concepts and put them into dragon boat context.
Steven taught our group Qi Gong energy and breathing exercises to help enhance health and body performance.

demonstrated exercises to help improve physical performance using
“muscle testing” and demonstrated “use of force” exercises, to help use
body position to enhance performance.

Dim Sum at Floata Restaurant.
had “dragonboat sticky rice dumplings” – known as “Jung” in Cantonese,
and Zhong in Mandarin.  We also had ha-gau (shrimp dumpling), sue-mei
(pork dumplings), BBQ pork + spicy jelly fish, + lots more!  Floata is
where I have hosted the Gung Haggis Fat Choy Robbie Burns Chinese New
Year dinner in 2005 and 2006.  Paddlers were surprised to see so many
restaurant managers and assistant managers coming to say “Hello Mr.

Dragon Boat practice

Joy Kogawa wasn't able to attend today's practice – but two Chinese
language reporters showed up.  And one took pictures of the team in the
boat, for the World Journal.

17 paddlers + 2 visitors from Quebec (Juliet's friends)

worked on race scenarios.  And did 2 full race pieces and 1 mini race
piece.  We lowered the stroke rate, and everything felt real good and
real strong.  Our drummer Deb was really happy.  She said it was the best she had
ever seen.

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