Busy weekend…. dragonboats in Vernon on Kalamalka Lake.


Busy weekend…. dragonboats in Vernon on Kalamalka Lake.

Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team members (red shirts) help load/unload teams

in Vernon dragon boat race at Kalamalka Lake.  – photo Jim Blatherwick

Great vacation in Vernon / Kalamalka Lake…
We had so much fun!!  Lots of stories to share…

memorable moments:
hot hot hot weather….
swimming off the private dock at Deb's parents' lakeside home
kayaking and canoeing at the dock while sipping drinks and eating watermelon.

Our team hanging out after Saturday races at the Martin's private dock on Kalamalka Lake.

– photo Wendy Lee

Our lead stroke Gail, paddling a kayak for the first time.  She LOVED it! 

Other paddlers enjoying a swim from the Martin's private dock – photo Wendy Lee

Watching lightning / thunder storm from the hot tub at Pinnacles Resort on Silver Star Mountain…

Pulling Ashleigh on water skis with a dragon boat.  this was
amazing.  Our start was so strong she popped up right away – but
couldn't hold on and fell.  We had supplemented the team with 4
strong male competitive paddlers…

Then on Monday… we went to visit Mission Hill winery for some wine
tasting, and then over to Quail's Gate Winery for their late harvest
and ice wine served in a chocolate cup.  Yum! Yum!

We have definitely confirmed we have a social club with a paddling
problem.  I can't say we are a drinking team, because alcohol is
simply not a priority.  Good company, good people, good respect
and good intentions – all make for good friendships.

OH – did I forget about the dragon boat racing?
We did two 200m sprints + 500 sprint, then a 1000 m race with turn on the Saturday.

On Sunday, we raced a 500m semi-final – but didn't make it to the medal final.
loaded up the boat with 4 extra competitive level male paddlers for the
water-ski pull – giving us 22 paddlers!.  What a surge on the
boat!  If every race could move like this – we would be in Rec A
and Rec B finals!

Dragon Boat teams pulling a water skier… nope – doesn't look like our team. 

The steersperson (me) would be wearing a kilt! – photo Jim Blatherwick

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