Dugald Christie, the crusading lawyer for accessibility, was killed while cycling across Canada

Dugald Christie, the crusading lawyer for accessibility, was killed while cycling across Canada

Dugald Christie at the Supreme Court of Canada in August 2000.
Dugald Christie at the Supreme Court of Canada in August 2000.
(Fred Chartrand/Canadian Press)

Dugald Christie was born in Scotland, and still spoke with a soft
Scottish accent.  On Monday morning, I learned of his tragic death
listening to CBC Radio One.  Kathryn Gretzinger, substitute host
for the Early Edition,  recalled an earlier visit by him when she
used to
host the Afternoon Show.  She interviewed one of Christie's
friends, and a fellow lawyer.

Dugald was a tireless supporter of accessibility for legal services for
the people less able to afford it.  He was a very interesting man,
who definitely was “one of a kind” – and yet, you wished that there
were more of him in the world.  Sadly, Dugald was hit by a truck,
while riding his bicycle near Sault Ste. Marie, while on a cross-Canada
journey to Ottawa to raise awareness for equal access to legal
assistance.  He had been  visiting cities along his tour to
signatures for his “Access Justice” petition which he planned to
to Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Ottawa.

Dugald Christie was also a poet, and he read some of his poems at the January 17, 2006 Gung Haggis Fat Choy World Poetry Night, at the Vancouver Public Library.  I am sorry now, that I didn't write more about Dugald than the following: “Scottish-born poet Dugald Christie, also a Civil Rights lawyer read both
his own poems and a bit of Burns.

I also wrote about Dugald being presented with a Lifetime Achievement award for the Feb 11, 2006 World Poetry Gala
Dugald Christie, whom I first met last month at the Gung Haggis Fat
Choy World Poetry evening, told some revealing stories about himself
including his frustrations with the Canadian justice system, as well as
racial and social inequity in Canada.  The Honourable Mr. Justice
Duncan Shaw, BC Supreme Court Justice, introduced him by telling a
story about how Christie had rode a bicycle from Vancouver to Ottawa in
order to burn his robes on the front steps of Parliament.”

was a very interesting man… and we had great conversation talking
that night we met.  He was very amused by the concept of a Robbie Burns
Chinese New Year's Dinner.  I thank Ariadne Sawyer and Alejandro
Mujica-Olea, hosts of World Poetry Night events at the Vancouver Public
Library, for introducing me to Dugald.  May he rest in peace, glad
that he helped to make our world a better place.

See below for news stories on Dugald and about his accident:

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while cycling across Canada to raise awareness of legal assistance for the
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SooToday.com – 1 Aug 2006
By David Helwig. Earlier today, SooToday.com told you about the death of Vancouver lawyer Dugald Christie last night in a cycling accident near Iron Bridge.

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Vancouver lawyer Dugald Christie believes so strongly that all Canadians should
have equal access to justice, regardless of income, that he started holding
www.vancourier.com/issues02/015202/news/015202nn6.html – 24k

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rides his 21-speed mountain bike with the same purpose and determination
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