Scripting Aloud for Monday Sept 18

Hi All,

Here are the breakdowns for Scripting Aloud's next reading on September 18th (this coming Monday).

We're at our new venue, Our Town Cafe at 245
East Broadway (@ Kingsway) in Vancouver. Casting for submitted scripts begins at
6pm and readings start at 6:30pm, followed by  scene study as time allows. Kibbitzing follows. If anyone would like to
bring their own scenes to read, please do so – we'll try to get them read as

and a couple of announcements including a short film website launch
party and a VFS call for actors are below – see you Monday!


“The Quickie”
by Grace Chin (Act II, 12 p) – for stage
2 males (1 mid thirties; 1 late thirties)
2 females (1 mid thirties; 1 late thirties)

“The Rules of Engagement”
by Matt Gates and Kathy Leung (10p) – for film (in development with CityTV Cinestories)
3 females (in their twenties)
3 males (in their twenties)


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After more than two years of development, Intake is finally ready to launch.

Intake brings you the best short films and music videos from Canada and
around the world where you can watch films for free with an easy-to-use

integrated video interface and the latest in streaming video technology.
Intake currently features twenty-six short films and music videos from
Vancouver including film festival favourites and multi-award winners.

Go to Intake now at



Join us at the Vancouver launch party! Saturday, September 23rd, 2006 at the

Campoverde Social Club (1660 Cypress St). The party starts at 8:00pm.

RSVP and enter a draw to win an MP3 player and five pairs of Cineplex movie
tickets. You have to RSVP and be at the party during the draw at 10:00pm to





Directed by Gary Hawes
Short Film | Comedy | 8 mins

Already running late for his interview at a prestigious law firm, Adam
Chapin soon discovers that he has two large sweat stains on his dress shirt.

Determined to make a strong first impression, he tries to solve this sweaty
problem before going in for the interview. The only problem is…how does he
get rid of his pit stains? A hilarious short film featuring Alan Cumming

(X-Men 2, The Anniversary Party).

See Film at

Directed by Dylan Akio Smith
Short Film | Comedy | 12 mins

Sam and his trusted Volkswagen have been through everything together. But
when the Bug breaks down, what does it mean for Sam's life? Directed by

Vancouver's Dylan Akio Smith (The Cabin Movie), who is also well known as a
Director of Photography, this multi-award winning short film features a
powerful and unique visual style.

See Film at

Directed by Nilesh Patel
Short Film | Comedy | 35 mins

In 2001, a young Indian documentary filmmaker came to Canada to find a lost
generation of Indians who opened convenience stores. Two of his subjects

turned their grocery store into a stage, giving their customers both service
and a show. A CityTv “CineCity” Vancouver Stories Initiative film.

See Film at

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