Think Vancouver goes Diversity with the theme: Living Together

Think Vancouver goes Diversity with the theme:
Living Together

Check out the this year's Think Vancouver theme.

They are doing some stuff that is soooo…. “intercultural”
soooo…. “Gung Haggis”

The Georgia Straight and CBC Radio One
and CBC Television's Canada Now have combined for stories that explore
how a multicultural / intercultural society lives together or lives
separately in the same space.

There is also a very cool contest – CBC is looking for a family that
celebrates cultural fusion and diversity.  Diversity can be
interpreted many ways:  ethnic backgrounds,
age, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliations, political
affiliations, and more.

Hmmm…. would my family qualify?  All my maternal cousins married
non-Chinese caucasians.  All my cousins children including my
nephew are “hapa“- the Hawaiian language term meaning bi-racial or multi-racial.  My cousin Rhonda Larrabee
is “hapa-First Nations.”  Our family definitely includes the
nursery rhyme description of: “doctor, lawyer and Indian Chief.”

Check out:
Fusion Family Contest

Check out:

Think Vancouver: Living Together

“People from all over the world call Vancouver home. Some of us have
been here for generations, others are moving in today. Some are very
wealthy, others are struggling day to day, and most of us fall
somewhere in the middle. More than one third of us are visible
minorities, and that percentage is steadily growing. With all of this
diversity, do our cultures fuse or are we living together, yet apart?

Turn to CBC Radio One, CBC Television's Canada Now and The Georgia
Straight newspaper for Think Vancouver: Living Together, as we explore
what it really means to live in a city with so much diversity. What
does it take to fit in? And does everyone want to?

From October 15 to 22, we will bring you special Think Vancouver: Living Together
programming, stories and events ranging from marriage and dating, to work,
school and home, to food, music and art. Vancouver's true colours revealed!” 


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