Jeff Chiba Stearns LIVE on MTV Canada starting Nov. 9th

Jeff Chiba Stearns LIVE on MTV Canada starting Nov. 9th

Jeff Chiba Stearns, film animator and creator of “What Are You Anyways?”, will be appearing on MTV Canada on Nov. 9th, Thursday 3:30pm PST, or  6:30pm EST.

Jeff recently won the inaugural award for Best Animated Short for the first annual Canadian Awards for Electronic and Animated Arts (CAEAA).  We recently chatted when we bumped into each other at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival on last Saturday morning.

Here is Jeff's message:

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted
to let you know that I will be in Toronto appearing live as a guest on
MTV Canada's show MTV LIVE this Thursday, Nov. 9th. 

I will be discussing mixed-race and Hapa identity with a possible
focus on my animated film, “What Are You Anyways?”  The inteview, which
will be around 3-5 minutes, airs nationally on MTV Canada at 3:30pm in
the west and 6:30pm in the east this Thursday.  The show is an hour
long and I will appear sometime within that hour.  The episode I am on
is repeated countless times throughout the night and on the weekend. 
If you miss the first broadcast it will broadcast again later.  The
show's topic is “Mash-ups” and if you're interested check it out. 

Now, I just hope I don't get cut by some rapper.


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