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Gung Haggis Fat Choy 2007 Dinner – Awesome… Really Awesome!

Gung Haggis Fat Choy 2007 Dinner – Awesome… Really Awesome!

Big Big compliments abounded.

Thank you Priya Ramu… your presence was wonderful, you and the
mini-kilt were over the top!  You've been properly Gung Haggisized!

Thank you Qiu Xia and Andre – Silk Road Music… what a pair you
are!  So Gung Haggis!  You set us off on a musical journey
and we followed.

Thank you Heather Pawsey… you astound us everytime!
Thank you Kathryn… you jumped right in with your beautiful flute for your first Gung Haggis experience.

Thank you Leora Cashe and Jaye Krebs… your performance blew us away. Welcome to the Clan

Thank you Joe, Chris and Nealamjit – what a broad aural experience that
Brave Waves always colours GHFC with!  You make it texturally

Thank you Lensey Namioka!  Your reading of Half and Half described our food, and was a hoot!

Thank you Trevor, Matt and Paul.  No Luck Club brought a special ambience to our
reception, and your production of the Gung HAGGIS RAP Choy, was a

Thank you Margaret Gallagher! You embrace Gung Haggis Hapa-ness! and project it so well!

Thank you Grace & Zen – wonderful performance that had people
laughing at Asian dating!  Hope more people will come see Twisting

Thank you Ian Mason- our resident Burns expert, you brought in Eco-Burns – WOW!

Thank you Harry Aoki – you bring a special presence with your
incredible support for the Joy Kogawa House, and you ethno-musical
knowledge, your bass and your harmonica.

Thank you Charlie Cho, you kept us on track and we were s-m-o-o-t-h!

Thank you Carl Schmidt, you made us sound great, looked after us on stage! WOW!

Thank you to our dedicated volunteers from Ricepaper Magazine and
Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team.  You are our face to the
public when they arrive, check in, buy our raffle tickets, and deliver
their prizes.  You are truly special.

Thank you to our audience members for being so attentive and
appreciative of our show.  Special thanks to Mayor Sam Sullivan
for reading a Chinese poem and giving a warm Vancouver welcome. 
More special thanks to Ellen Woodsworth, Jaime Edwards, Heather Deal,
Peter Ladner and Emma “McChan” for each reading a verse of Robbie
Burns' immortal poem about equality – “A Man's A Man For All That.”

Thank you to our many sponsors for prizes… that really reflect our
intercultural and multicultural society!  Especially to Joseph
Roberts and Common Ground for sponsoring our head table and posters,
and to Sandhill Wines for providing wine for our event, and to Firehall
Arts Centre for selling our tickets and mailing them out to our
patrons.  Thank you to Floata Restaurant for making our haggis dim
sum, and providing a wonderful venue for our event.

Gung Haggis Fat Choy 2007 – Harry Aoki performs Stardust – VIDEO



During the Japanese Canadian internment during World War II, the only musical instrument musician extraordinaire Harry Aoki had time to take with him was the harmonica. This was the poignant anecodote that Todd related to  us just before Harry performed Stardust on the harmonica at Gung Haggis Fat Choy 2007. Excuse the poor quality of the video but the performance was so heartfelt and moving that I think it transcends the quality of the video from my N93 Nokia cameraphone (lesson learned: need to get closer and/or better lighting!).

Tickets for Gung Haggis Fat Choy on the weekend.

Tickets for Gung Haggis Fat Choy on the weekend.

There are limited tickets available at the door.

Cost is:

$75 for regular seating
$85 for Premium seating (closer seating + 2 bottles of wine on the table)

For reservations call:
Todd Wong

Tickets must be picked up between 5:00 pm and 6:00pm or they will be released back for sale.

Prizes for the Gung Haggis Fat Choy 2007 dinner

Prizes for the Gung Haggis Fat Choy 2007 dinner

We thank our prize sponsors for their wonderful donations that support our event.

raised go to help spread multiculturalism and interculturalism in our
communities, through the efforts of Asian Canadian Writers' Workshop /
Ricepaper Magazine, Joy Kogawa House, and the Gung Haggis Fat Choy
dragon boat team.

When you come to our Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinner event on January 28th, Sunday – please purchase raffle tickets to win:

3 passes to Firehall Arts Centre's BANANA BOYS –

           by  Leon Aureus – based on the novel by Terry Woo
           5 Chinese Canadian men learn about life's issues

1 pass to Vancouver OperaMagic Flute – Mozart's magical opera with a special
            First Nations theme

            January 26 – February 8th

1 pass to Arts Club Theatre's The Optimists

           February 8 – March 3

passes to Twisting Fortunes – new play by Charlie Cho and Grace Chin

passes to Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden

1 VIP pass to the Alcan Dragon Boat Festival

wine from Sandhill Wines from award winning Chinese-Canadian winemaker Howard Soon


subscriptions to Ricepaper Magazine – Canada's only national journal of Asian Canadian arts and culture

seats in the Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat float for the St. Patrick's Day Parade for Celtic Fest

mini-readings from astrologer John Rutherford

special items from Government of Scotland

books donated by Asian Canadian Writers' Workshop

picnic packs donated by The Land Conservancy of BC


Firehall Arts Centre's “The Blue Light” final weekend

Firehall Arts Centre's “The Blue Light” final weekend

Why would a Japanese film maker write a play about a
German film maker linked to the Nazis of WW2… because she can, and
because the content is incredible.

It's the final weekend for The Blue Light, written by Mieko Ouchi, an
artist from Edmonton.  It's directed by Donna Spencer and has been
recieving good reviews in the media, especially for the acting of
Gabrielle Rose in the lead role

In The Blue Light, Gabrielle Rose digs into the psyche of the controversial

The Blue Light. By Colin Thomas. Publish Date: January 18, 2007 In The Blue Light, a geriatric Riefenstahl pitches a script to a young Hollywood

From the Firehall Arts Centre website


By Mieko Ouchi
January 5 – 27, 2007

“…the script Ouchi has crafted is truly remarkable. She effortlessly
handles the time shifts and larger-than-life characters residing in her
work.” Garth Paulson, Calgary Gauntlet

“Ouchi’s script illuminates the struggle of a
woman to succeed where few others could, taking each opportunity as it
presented itself.” Eve Marie Clarke, See Magazine

Delve into the theatrical examination of a
woman who danced one perfect dance with the devil and changed the way
films are made. Leni Riefenstahl was one of the most remarkable and
controversial female artists of the 20th century. Dancer, actor,
photographer and filmmaker, Riefenstahl caught the eye of Adolf Hitler
with her prodigious first film: The Blue Light. A cinematic innovator,
her choice to direct the propagandist film Triumph of the Will got her
blacklisted as a filmmaker. She died in 2003 at 101, unrepentant and
mostly forgotten, still naive or perhaps not. Is the artist responsible
for the negative influence their work may have over viewers? The Blue
Light questions the often-unacknowledged dark side of artistic
experience and causes the viewer to look deeper into what art and media
may ask us to believe.

THE BLUE LIGHT Performance Schedule: Tuesdays through Saturdays at 8PM, Saturdays and Sundays at 2PM, Wednesdays at 1PM.

ADULT TICKETS PRICES: Weeknights and matinees: $16.00. Friday & Saturday evenings: $22.00

STUDENT/SENIOR TICKET PRICES: Weeknights and matinees: $12.00. Friday & Saturday evenings: $18.00

PAY WHAT YOU CAN MATINEES: Wednesdays at 1PM (January 10th, 17th and 24th). Please arrive any time after 12PM.