Radio Canada International: I am interviewed for Monday!

Radio Canada International:  I am interviewed for Monday Feb 19!

Earlier this week on Wednesday Feb 15th, I was interviewed for Radio Canada International's program The Link.  This is a program “linking new immigrants to Canada and Canada to the world.”

show on Monday will feature a panel discussion with three
Chinese-Canadians discussing how they celebrate Chinese New Year. 

I am the multigenerational CC who has rediscovered Chinese New
Year as a way to celebrate my Chinese ancestry.  As well, I
celebrate Lunar New Year with innovative ways such as combining it with
Scottish traditions like Robbie Burns Day.

There is a woman born
in Beijing, but has been in Canada for 22 years.  She is married
to a non-Chinese, and no longer “celebrates” Chinese New Year.

Wong is an older man who came to Canada many years ago, and he
regularly celebrates with traditional foods and customs (which my
family no longer does).

You can also listen to
The Link's Friday's show which interviewed my friend Victor Wong.
A group of Chinese Canadians gathered in Ottawa
yesterday to seek compensation for the Chinese Head Tax and the Chinese
Exclusion Act. Between 1885 and 1923, Canada charged a landing fee of
up to 500 dollars to more than 80 thousand Chinese immigrants then
banned immigration from China completely until 1947. Victor Wong is the
executive director of the Chinese Canadian National Council. He was in
Ottawa Thursday.

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