Vancouver: City of… What is Vancouver's nickname anyways?

Vancouver: City of…  What is Vancouver's nickname anyways?

I found this old 2004 Vancouver Courier story
about Vancouver being named a “City of Peace” in 1986, and the
arguements at city hall about the “Peace and Justice
Committee.”   Is Vancouver known as a “City of Peace”? 
Vancouver did host the World Peace Forum in 2006.

Paris is the City of Light
Los Angeles is the City of Angels
Portland Oregon, is the City of Roses
Edmonton is the City of Champions

The City of Vancouver website on the About Vancouver page states:

Vancouver is Host City of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. outside link Surrounded
by spectacular natural beauty, the City of Vancouver is recognized as
one of the world's most livable cities, renowned for its innovative
programs and leading in the areas of sustainability, accessibility and

vancouver skyline

What sets Vancouver apart

Hmmm…. Vancouver – “City of Livability, Innovation, Sustainability and Diversity/Inclusivity/Accessibility

Vancouver has been called Vansterdam
– due to the city's lax law enforcement of marijuana usage,
proliferation of marijuana grow-ops + large drug traffic in the city.

Vancouver has been called Hongcouver
– as a derogatory recognition to Hong Kong immigration that saw huge
spikes in 1980's.  This name is contentious because it also
implies racist connotations.

Vancouver is called Terminal City – see
– Vancouver is the terminus of the railway, and a huge port city. 
The roads end at the mountains and the ocean.  Wilderness is the

Vancouver is known as Lotus Land – atttributed to Torontonian's view of Vancouver's laid back life style

While there are nicknames what are the official names for
Vancouver.  Every few years, there seems to be a contest in some
Vancouver newspaper to come up with an “official” nick name.

Here are some possible nicknames for Vancouver:

Vancouver, “World in a City” was a nickname that faded… and was meant to incorporate our ethnic diversity.

Vancouver – city of diversity…  not sexy!  But it could mean “sexual diversity” which Vancouver is also known for!

City of Peace…  recalling our vast piece marches and initatives, and
1986 when Vancouver was named “City of Peace” and hosted Expo 86.

City of harmony…  could be musical or peace-loving?

City of Green… to promote our eco awareness and our Irish roots?

City of eco-harmony… peace with nature

City of Green Peace….   images of radical environmental
activists come to mind.  Vancouver is spiritual and original home to Greenpeace movement.

City of Peace & Harmony…   sounds a bit cliche

City of Green, Peace & Harmony….   wow – loaded with
possibilities: environmentalism, peace activists, eco-initiatives,
peace marches, racial diversity, artistic endeavor, and too many words!

6 thoughts on “Vancouver: City of… What is Vancouver's nickname anyways?

  1. Anonymous

    City of sustainability and innovation? Obviously written by somebody who has never ridden the bus in Vancouver.
    How about “City of Apathy” or “City of Street People”

  2. Anonymous

    Vancouver: City of No Identity.
    Vancouver: City of people who are obsessed with how beautiful and culturally diverse it is.

  3. Anonymous

    I don't think Toronto would ever let Vancouver get away with “City of Diversity.” Montreal wouldn't be far behind to do a follow-up wedgie either.

  4. Anonymous

    City of Eco-freaks?
    Frankly, it's got to be something with cachet, not an earnest exercise in self-definition
    Maybe Vansterdam will stick, since it seems to capture our liberal, laid back, pot-smoking lifestyle. (Much better than LotusLand, by the way)

  5. Anonymous

    Vancouver: City on the Edge is a book by John Pierce in which he talks about the implications of our geology and geography for
    appropriate development. On one issue he is clear–Don't build in a flood plain. The Province has a week series on the potential
    regards, Fred


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