Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team March 18 practice

Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team March 18 practice

It's dragon boat time again.  Cherry blossoms are blooming and
dragon boat teams are paddling on the waters of False Creek.  The
Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team practices on Sunday afternoons at
1pm, and Tuesdays at 6pm.  We practice from Dragon Zone, run by
the Alcan Dragon Boat Festival, located just south of Science World.

The team has been developing nicely over the past few years.   Our
core paddlers have been with the team for three years.  We like to
say we have a foodie team that likes to paddle. The team enjoys a nice
emphasis on multiculturalism, social events, food events – balancing
this with the fun, fitness and friendship of dragon boat
paddling and races.  Last night a group of 15 paddlers and ex-paddlers went
to see the play Banana Boys at the Firehall Theatre. 

Jonas and Joe lead the back half of the boat from the mid-stroke
position.  Behind Jonas (left) on the right side of the boat is
Barb, Gerard and Dan.  Behind Joe (right) on the left side of the
boat Stephen gives rabbit ears to Joe, Tzhe sits behind, then
Stuart.  Daniel steers the boat, he brings lots of dragon boat
experience to the team, having paddled with many teams since 1986 – the
first year dragon boat racing happened in Vancouver.

Also paddling on Sunday, but not in the picture were Steven W., Deb,
Georgia, Keng, with Ernest and Wendy sharing lead stroke
positions.  I coach the team and paddle.  It was Stuart's
first time on a dragon boat and he loved it!

After a long week of rain, the clouds lightened up and the rain stopped
for the 4th annual St. Patrick's Day Parade in Vancouver.  The
weather warmed up and we shedded our rain gear and fleece jackets, as
it quickly became too warm for paddling.  We paddled up to David
Lam Park, then came back to the East Bay and practiced starts. 
Today's practice focussed on improving paddling techniques.  We
worked on rotation, body position, paddle position, with light
intensity and an emphasis on improving cardio.  It was a good

Next practice is Tuesday 6pm.

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