Kadoya Sushi on Davie St. Try the specialty rolls

Kadoya Sushi on Davie St.  Try the specialty rolls

I went to Kadoya for the first time on Friday night, March 23… and I LIKED it!

On the walls are many compliments to the restaurant, staff and the food.  It is entertaining just reading all of the different place mat sized drawings and compliments.  There is even a sign up on both sides of the restaurant stating if you are allergic to something, please tell the serving staff.

The specialty sushi rolls are REALLY SPECIAL.  They are truly creations of culinary art. They are named Rainbow (each piece a different colour), Cinderalla, Snow White, Queenie, Princess, Canuck.  They are large, eight pieces and cost $7.95.  They almost fill you if you are going for dinner.

My girlfriend and I shared the Dinner for Two which included 1 Specialty Roll, Miso Soup, vegetable and prawn tempura, terriyaki beef (or chicken), + special rice.  It was a lot of food for $30, and we felt it was a good deal.

The service seemed friendly.  Our party of 5 included 1 Japanese student, 2 Caucasian-Canadians, 1 Swiss born Canadian, and myself a multi-generational Chinese-Canadian.  We thought our waitress had a mandarin Chinese accent.  Our Swiss-Canadian friend goes to the restaurant regularly with his Japanese friend.  It was the first for the rest of us.  We all definitely enjoyed ourselves, and plan on returning.

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