Canadian dragon boater in Australia: when road trips go wrong

Canadian dragon boater in Australia: when road trips go wrong

Dave Samis – Gung Haggis paddler in 2006 St. Patrick's Day Parade.  Now he is enroute to dragon boat races in Sydney Australia. – photo Todd Wong

Dragon boat road trips to foreign exotic paddling destinations can become incredible experiences, or road trips in hell, surrounded by lost paddler, missed races, injuries, arguments and unpaid bills.  Fortunately Gung Haggis dragon boat team hasn't had anything like that.  We've had mishaps such as not enough paddler, minor arguments, getting lost on the road.  Once in Portland, I was so tired after a race I left my coaching buddy/steersperson in the parking lot, as I drove to the hotel.  The Gung Haggis team has travelled to Portland, Seattle, Victoria, Harrison, Kelowna and Vernon.  I have joined other teams to race in all the above places plus San Francisco and Penticton.

Gung Haggis paddler Dave Samis is on his way to Honolulu with a team put together to compete in Sydney Australia.  The adventures are already beginning in Honolulu, before the team even landed in the land of Oz.

Hi Todd
GHFC correspondent checking in.

Brief report
Snorkled with Canadian team, hiked Diamond Head (walked from hotel) became a biker gang.

Accidents and incidents
14 team members rented scooters and travelled to some beaches east of  Waikiki.  Travelling along the highway about 20 k east of Honolulu ran into a rain storm.  One scooter broke down so w pulled off the highway.  My scooter wasn't slowing fast enough with the back brake only (rental guy said to use both front and rear) so I applied the front brake.

Wham !!!

The scooter was sliding on it's side down the wet highway with me underneath.  Not fun.  I have road rash on knees, left hand and arm and very sore ribs. Scooter has a scrape.

Also a second peson the team is injured she hit a parked car on a turn. Her arm is in a sling.

Today practices here in 12 man canoes.  I would like to participate and will as a steers but will not be up to paddling with my sore ribs.  Note – outrigger and longboat steers also paddle as they are steering.

Dave Samis
GHFC correspondent from Hawaii

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