Bone Marrow transplant needed for James Lee Erlandsen… searching for Eurasian donors

Bone Marrow transplant needed for James Lee Erlandsen…
searching for Eurasian donors

This past week, I recieved a unique request to help spread the
request to find a bone marrow donor for James Erlandsen.  His
cousin Aynsley contacted me.  I am amazed at the similar
parallels between James and myself regarding our family histories, our
educational histories, and health crisis histories.

Back in 1989, I was studying Psychology at SFU, when I was diagnosed
with a germ cell tumor, a rare form of cancer and given a 60% chance to
live with treatment.  Without chemotheraphy treatment, the doctors
later told me, I would have lasted about two weeks.  I had just
turned 29 years old at the time.

Life is always fragile.  We are more likely to die in a car
accident than from a disease while we are still in our twenties. 
If I had died back then… there would be no Gung Haggis Fat Choy
Robbie Burns Chinese New Year Dinner… no Toddish McWong…  no
Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team…  possibly no Taiwanese
Dragon Boat races in Vancouver.

I wouldn't have helped to found the SFU Terry Fox Day in 1994, nor the
SFU Gung Haggis Fat Choy Festival in 1995.  I wouldn't have
volunteered at Asian Canadian Writer's Workshop to help create the ACWW
Community Builder's Dinner, or been a committee member on the inaugural
One Book One Vancouver committee for the Vancouver Public Library in 2003, or a
organizing leader for the Save Kogawa House committee, or participated
in Chinese Head Tax Redress.  They have all been rewarding experiences for me – both personally and for the community.

A 23 year old SFU student, named James Lee Eriandsen, is now facing a health crisis.

There may be an incredible life still to live for James, or there may
not.  We do what we can.  We live in the present.  We
give thanks each day…  and we try to help others.

The following information was sent to me from a cousin of James Lee
Both she and James are multi-generational Canadians of Chinese
ethnicity, while James also has Caucasian heritage too.  Our
ancestors lived and worked in Vancouver
Chinatown and probably knew each other…   I am glad to help

was working on his degree in Geography at Simon Fraser University and
working at Save-On-Foods when on February 1st, he was diagnosed with
Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  He is part Chinese and Caucasian
and has no siblings.  His bone marrow type is rare and he needs as
many registrants as possible to find a potential match.  The best
chance for a match would be from Eurasian donors.

Please submit your information to the Bone Marrow Donor Registry online
and you will be contacted by Canadian Blood Services.

I have since found out that James' interests include:

Music (except bluegrass and heavy
Lawn Bowling
Baking Cookies
Socializing and Restaurants
Las Vegas
Bubby, his dog (a Chow)
Art, Graphic Design, Visual Arts
Video Games

He was born in 1983 and graduated from Carson
Graham (North Van) in 2001.

Omigod… James graduated from my old High School, I was a 1978 grad at
Carson Graham, where I was also on the wrestling and badminton teams in
1978 and concert band in 1977.  The parrallels between our lives
are amazing.

Hopefully, a matching bone marrow can be found for James. 
Please download the attachment poster and send to your friends.

Please ask your Eurasian or Hapa friends if they can register for a bone marrow match.

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  2. Dana

    Hi I think your story is great. My sister and I are both half asian half caucasian, and she is a registered bone marrow donor… is there any way we can get a direct contact link? I go to SFU and saw the advertisement, please let me know.


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