James Erlandsen and Todd Wong meet for City TV interview

James Erlandsen and Todd Wong meet for City TV interview

James and I met today at St. Paul's Hospital.  James' family has
been very appreciative of my efforts to help spread the word about
James' need for a Eurasian bone marrow donor.

City TV wanted to interview both of us as we met for the first
time.  Up to now, James and I had only communicated through his
aunt and cousin, and an e-mail message.

James looked to be in good spirits.  The presence of television
camera with lights made the atmosphere a bit surreal, and very

But… I had a nice short chat with James and his family.  I
showed him a picture of me without hair, after it had all fallen out
due to chemotherapy.  I shared a story about how when I was
sitting on the edge of my bed, I accidently stood up on my catheter
line to my IV – and almost ripped the line out of my chest….
OUCH!  We laughed.

I also showed James the plaque I received for the SFU Terry Fox Award,
and I read to him the inscription that said “given to a person who has
triumphed in adversity.”  I told him that I want him to triumph
through this challenge that he is going through… so that I can
nominate him for the award. 

And… I gave James an Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team
shirt.  I told James that our dragon boat team really likes to
emphasize not only Chinese and Scottish cultures – but also Hapa or
Eurasian-Canadian issues.  We have a lot of fun going out on
Tuesdays after practice for eating and socializing… which is what I
knew James likes to do.  “We want you to get better, so you can
come join our dragon boat team,” I told him.

City TV also interviewed James on his own, his parents and his doctor.

Watch City TV tonight for the story.

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