Watching “GENERATIONS: The Chan Legacy” with my parents and my Mom’s sister’s family

Watching “GENERATIONS: The Chan Legacy” with my grandmother and family

it was great to watch with family members who hadn’t seen the documentary yet.  My cousins Diane, Chris, Auntie Sylvia and Uncle Ian were all so pleased at how well done the show was. 

They kept talking over the narration whenever they recognized somebody in the pictures or the home movies that were shown.

Below are e-mails and messages that I have received from friends and family:

Todd - YOU have made us all very proud of our ancestors.
YOU did a great job to make this happen
MANY thanks
- David Young (Toronto cousin)


Dear Todd-really touched by your family, thought it was beautifully told – you look like your aunt Helen Lee
but in a handsome, manly way. What a treasure to have this documentary of this incredible
clan-well done, thanks for sharing
– Jane Duford – artist and Gung Haggis paddler

SO Canadian. Great documentary, and I’m glad that I caught it. Well, I only received half a dozen messages about it. 😉 The other segments look really good, too.
– Hillary Wong

I really enjoyed the program although I missed the first 10 minutes of the hour long program.  Now I know more about the story of your life than before.  I was touched not only by the story of Reverend Chan, the struggles of the early Chinese immigrants and “Canadian” Citizens but also your own survival and how overcame your health challenges and your Gung Haggis Fat Choy initiatives. A documentation well done.

– Kelly Ip (community organizer, Canadian Club advisor)


Karen and I enjoyed it. We watched the whole thing.
– Richard Mah (Vancouver International Dragon Boat Race – race director)

Congratulations, Todd!  I actually read a story last year about your family in the North Shore News — how proud you must feel!!!!  & how proud I am to know you!!! 
–Terrie Hamazaki (writer)

Todd! Generations was excellent! I loved it!  You were so great in it!!
Great job on all of your hard work in putting this together, it was really interesting.
Talk to you soon
Katie (Toronto cousin)

Yay for you, Todd, and all your family – mine are relative newcomers, just
here since 1948, when we were refugees after ww2 -cheers!

– Ieva Wool – choir conductor of High Spirits

Congratulations!  I am proud of you and your accomplishments!!
You are a blessing to our world.
Rev. Angelica (minister of Celebration of Life Centre)


The Show was excellent. It is a piece of history that needs to be taught in school.
Raphael Fang – Kilts Night co-ordinator


Thanks for letting me know about the documentary.  I
manage to see it last night.  It was well done and you interviewed well and
looked great!   A lot of hard work but well worth it.

– Gordy (genealogist organizer and head tax advocate)


Just finished watching “Generations” and just want to say THANK YOU!  for a great documentary on our family history.   You did a great job working with Halya!

Love, Auntie Roberta (grand-daughter of Rev. Chan Yu Tan, Victor Wong’s sister)









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