News from Scotland… SFU bagpipes place 2nd at Worlds + deciding Scotland's future

News from Scotland…  SFU bagpipes place 2nd at Worlds
+ deciding Scotland's future

Every now and again, I receive news from the Scottish diaspora about the Scottish diaspora, and even from good old Scotland itself. 

The following information is from Ron Macleod – chair of SFU Scottish Cultural Studies, and Russell Walker from the Govt. of Scotland – who is a big Gung Haggis Fat Choy fan.

Here are today's (Saturday's) results at the 2007 World Pipe Band Championships, Glasgow.
Regards, the other Ron
1st Field Marshal Montgomery (Northern Ireland) 
2nd Simon Fraser University (Canada) 
3rd House of Edgar-Shotts & Dykehead (Scotland) 
4th Scottish Lion-78th Fraser Highlanders (Canada) 
5th Strathclyde Police (Scotland)

Choosing Scotland's Future

Scotland's First Minister, Alex
Salmond MSP launched a White Paper today inviting the people of
Scotland to join in a national conversation on the nation’s
constitutional future.The First Minister values the engagement of
Scotland's diaspora in this conversation. The paper has been published
as part of the Government's fulfilment of its manifesto commitments and
100 days undertakings, and to ensure competent government.

The paper sets out three principal choices.

· Small extension of devolved powers

· Radical redesign of devolution and greatly enhanced powers

· Independence

A new website –
– has been launched to attract comments from all shades of opinion.
Anyone interested in contributing to the discussion, can do so by

Greetings, an interesting BBC website, courtesy Norman Calder. regards, the other Ron

Scots 'mither tongue' goes online 

 An archive of the Scots language is now available all over the world thanks to a comprehensive new website.

at Glasgow University have completed work on the online resource, which
contains more than four million words in Scots and Scottish English.

 As well as meaning and usage, the project also has audio links, allowing people to hear words being spoken.

 The site, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, can be accessed at

from the US, Australia, China, Japan and South America have already
logged on to use the service, as well as people in Scotland.

  It is one aspect of a long and flourishing cultural heritage.

 Dr Wendy Anderson

Project researcher

 The website currently includes text from 1945 up to the present day, with researchers working on expanding it.

 They are building up a new resource for older varieties of language, dating from 1700 to 1945.

 Once completed this should allow people to trace the development of features of Scots and Scottish English over time.

researcher, Dr Wendy Anderson, said: “The Scots language is a source of
interest across the world as it is one aspect of a long and flourishing
cultural heritage.The website will be a useful language resource for
academic researchers and students, language learners and teachers,
dictionary writers and secondary school language teachers, not to
mention for the large number of general users who just want to satisfy
a curiosity about the Scots language.”

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  1. Anonymous

    I just found your blog and I love it! Thanks for posting on the Worlds and I'mg going to go check out the political and language sites right now. Good luck with your strike!

  2. Anonymous

    Hello Piping Girl…
    Did you go to Scotland for the World's?
    With the SFU pipe band?
    send me your links… and we can hook-up.
    Come to Doolin's Irish Pub on Sept 2 for Kilts Night!


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