Hip, Hapa and Happening… August 17th +

Hip, Hapa and Happening… August 17th +

If I was in Vancouver this weekend, I would be going to see the Orchid Ensemble in the Enchanted Evening music performance series… at the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Classical Gardens.

Earlier this year, I witnessed another incredible performance by Lan Tung and the Orchid Ensemble as they played accompaniment and solo to Kasandra's Mozaico Flamenco.

But…I am going to Victoria for the Victoria Dragon Boat Festival and will be steering… I mean “tilling” for “my Oregon team” – Wasabi Team Huge.  They are one of the best women's teams on the West Coast, and I have known them since 2001 when they were the US national representatives and medalists at the World Championships.  Since then I have steered for them twice in races. 

My main contact on the team is a French-Canadian-Jewish-American woman named Suzanne Monique Cloutier.  She's my friend.

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