Vancouver Sun: When Racism Ruled

Vancouver Sun: When Racism Ruled

On Saturday, the Vancouver Sun published a story about the infamous Anti-Asian riots on Sept 7th 1907.  These anniversary of  the riots are being given an academic treatment in a colloquiuem this weekend at SFU Harbour Centre

My father's father Wong Wah was living in Victoria at the time, since 1891.  My grandmother's grandfather the Rev. Chan Yu Tan had recently arrived in Victoria in 1896.  The Chinese Methodist Church had a mission in Vancouver, that was started by his brother Rev. Chan Sing Kai – who had arrived in Canada in 1888.

Check out the Vancouver Sun story:

When racism ruled

When racism ruled. Vancouver has come a long way since the anti-Asian race riots of Catherine Rolfsen, with research by librarian Carolyn, Vancouver Sun – 69k –

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