Hip Hapa and Happening…. Sep 14 onwards

Hip Hapa and Happening…. Sep 14 onwards

check out the Fringe Festival:

Assaulted FishVancouver Asian Canadian Theatre presents the Henry David Hwang play Bondage… and something called Deep-Fried Curry Perogies…

I just saw Assaulted Fish performing at the Sept 7th Reconciliation Dinner at Floata Restaurant.  And they were bang-on funny… poking lots of fun at multicultural stereotypes and characters like Jacky Chan.

David Henry Hwang is North America's most successful Asian-American playwright.  I have seen his plays FOB, M. Butterfly and Golden Child performed in Vancouver… so I can't miss Bondage.

I eat perogies… I put curry on my popcorn… I deep fry haggis wrapped in won ton dumplings… gotta go!

Assaulted Fish
Vancouver, Canada

Comedy/50 mins/14+

Pacific Theatre

For its second Fringe appearance, 83% pan-Asian Canadian sketch comedy
troupe, Assaulted Fish presents the “best of 2006-2007”. “No dud
sketches here…plenty of laughs.” — Kathleen Oliver, Georgia Straight
“…one of the smartest, boldest, most hilarious, most exciting comedy
troupes around…” — Morgan Brayton, former Executive Artistic
Director, SketchFest Vancouver “…cast is brimming with charisma and
enthusiasm.” – Schema Magazine.


Sept. 6 – 6:45pm
Sept. 9 – 4:00pm
Sept. 11 – 6:15pm
Sept. 12 – 8:45pm
Sept. 14 – 5:30pm
Sept. 15 – 1:30pm


Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre
Vancouver, CAN
Drama/60 mins/14+

Firehall Arts

In an S&M parlor, a dominatrix and her client are clad in costumes
to conceal their faces and ethnicity's. Their disguises allow them to
play out fantasies based on racial stereotypes and sexual mythologies.
Their power games expose the arbitrariness of racially minded thinking
that moves them towards a true intimacy which transcends the bounds of


Sept. 6 – 8:00pm
Sept. 7 – 10:45pm
Sept. 9 – 7:30pm
Sept. 12 – 10:30pm
Sept. 15 – 8:15pm
Sept. 16 – 11:00am


Deep Fried Curried Perogies

Mahatmamajama Productions

Comedy, Dance, Drama/70 mins/14+
Playwrights Theatre

What do you get when a Jamaican Filipino and a Ukrainian Brit start a
family? A Jalipinukranibritinadian? A Deep Fried Curried Perogy?
Definitely a legacy full of stories, hair trauma and certain
indigestion. Touching, funny, smart – a show for anyone who is black,
white, Ukrainian, Asian, European, flat-chested, short, breathing…
*****Edmonton Sun ****Vue Weekly ****See Magazine.


Sept. 6 – 6:45pm
Sept. 7 – 10:30pm
Sept. 8 – 9:15pm
Sept. 12 – 10:30pm
Sept. 15 – 11:30pm
Sept. 16 – 4:45pm


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