Friday Oct 5th, good and sunny day on the strike line

Friday Oct 5th, good and sunny day on the strike line

Naomi Klein, author of No Logo, holds up CUPE 391 Strike placard – photo Beth Lowther

Good day on the strike line today… Author Naomi Klein came to visit Vancouver Library workers and gave a short talk.  She was invited by Craig Searle.

Naomi Klein poses with Vancouver library workers Craig Searle and Todd Wong.  Craig invited Klein to come speak to CUPE 391.  Todd had organized a series or writer's readings from August to September. – photo Beth Lowther

Monica Chattaway brought her violin, and we did some violin/accordion duets on some '20's and '30's songs.

CBC Canada Now reporter came down to the Library Square picket line and interviewed some of us, looking for a reaction to the released recommendations by mediator Brian Foley.  We kept it pretty tight with no comments, as we are waiting for deeper analysis.  My accordion and me… made it on to the evening news.

Vote on the recommendations coming up on Sunday.
(vote was since rescheduled to Tuesday to allow for more members returning from Thanksgiving holidays, and to give our bargaining committee more time to go over the recommendations).

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