Vancouver Sun: Every day is Tartan Day for devoted kilt maker

Kilt maker Rob McDonald and I first discovered each other when we were both interviewed for a Vancouver Courier article Hearts in the Highlands about Robbie Burns Day by Fiona Hughes.  We finally met at a Kilts Night event at Doolin's Irish Pub. 
Rob's website is
He regaled us with stories from his days in the Seaforth Highlanders
where he first learned to make kilts.  This man is full of great
entertaining stories.

Rob came out to last year's Tartan Day Kilts Night event, and helped bring out lots of kilts and mini-kilts for the Kilt fashion parade, organized by Terry Varga.  With Tartan Day being proclaimed in the City of Vancouver, Vancouver Sun writer Chantal Eustace interviewed Rob about the etiquette of making and wearing kilts:

Every day is Tartan Day for devoted kilt maker

The province's annual nod to Scottish heritage is no big deal for Robert MacDonald, for whom the leggy garment is a way life

Vancouver Sun

Chantal Eustace,
Vancouver Sun

Published: Thursday, April 03, 2008

Whenever he can, local kilt maker Robert MacDonald likes to wear his Scottish heritage on his hips.

“I'd say it's an integral part of who I am,” says MacDonald, adding that he is more comfortable in a kilt than in trousers.

has nothing to do with the fact that Tartan Day — the province's
annual nod to its Scottish heritage, part of a global celebration of
Highland culture — is this Sunday.

me a kilt is just something I grew up with, like a T-shirt,” MacDonald
says when asked about Tartan Day. “That's like saying, let's celebrate
T-shirt day.”

It doesn't concern him that the holiday, recognized in B.C. since
1993, hasn't taken off in the local Scottish community with the same
gusto as Robert Burns Day.

“I wish [Tartan Day] well but I can't
say I'm rooting for it on the sidelines like a cheerleader,” MacDonald
says, seated at the kilt-making table in his Vancouver home, where he
sews his made-to-order creations. “I'll be fine if it takes off and
I'll be fine if it doesn't take off.”

After all, there is a year-round demand for his tartan creations.

Read the rest of the story:

The tools of the trade for kilt-maker...View Larger Image View Larger Image

The tools of the trade for kilt-maker…

Glenn Baglo, Vancouver Sun

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