Guelph Mercury: Joy Kogawa's new children's book recognized across Canada

Joy Kogawa's new children's book “Naomi's Tree” is reviewed by Guelph Mercury

I am very happy that our saving of Joy Kogawa's childhood home is having a positive effect not only for Joy Kogawa and the The Land Conservancy of BC, which bought the house – but also for community organizations using the house, and for children's literature. 

Check out Joy Kogawa's childhood home in Vancouver BC @ 1450 West 64th Ave.
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May 31, 2008

Naomi's Tree

by Joy Kogawa, illustrated by Ruth Ohi (Fitzhenry & Whiteside, $19.95 hardcover)

There's a cherry tree in Naomi's backyard that came to Canada as a seed in the sleeve of her Japanese grandmother's kimono.

the “Friendship Tree,” it offers Naomi shade for tea parties with her
dolls. It also rains down showers of pink petals in the spring and
provides tasty fruit in late summer.

But when the Second World
War breaks out and Japanese Canadians are interred in camps, Naomi must
leave her home and beloved tree behind.

This book, marking 80
years of Canada-Japan relations, is based on author Joy Kogawa's own
life. Years later, she returned home to find the cherry tree was still
alive, ailing but still welcoming.

Visitors to Vancouver can see
Friendship Trees at Vancouver City Hall — and visit Historic Joy
Kogawa House, now a writers' residence.

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