Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team hosts Kilts Night party at Doolin's Irish Pub

“It's a Chinese-Scottish dragon boat team in an Irish pub with Middle Easter belly dancing!” said veteran paddler Steve Behan, new to the Gung Haggis dragon boat team.

Many Gung Haggis dragon boat team paddlers are regulars at Kilts Night at Doolin's Pub.  But June 5th was special, as we combined the event with a Pub Night dinner fundraiser.   The  $10 Burger + Beer combo was really an excuse to create a social bonding event for the team, as well as to make some money for the team.  It was a really fun evening, that also highlighted the cultural diversity that this team celebrates.  Not only are the Chinese and Scottish traditions highlighted in the team name, but kilts are really highlighted in a fun, yet fashionable way.

And… Middle Eastern belly dancing became a featured event, from our 1st year paddlers Joy and Lena.  They are both strong paddlers, not to mention fun and very likeable.  We are very glad that they chose our team to join this year.

Every body had fun, as paddlers mingled with supporters and friends. Bagpiper friend Allan McMordie came to join us… I think he is becoming addicted to Gung Haggis Fat Choy since he was featured earlier this year in the Vancouver Sun Tartan Day article and he came to Vancouver City Hall to play for a Tartan Day recognition event with the Mayor.  We even had out of town supporters as Jonas's parents from Toronto were in town.

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Paddlers Joy and Lena in their belly dancing outfits pose with Dooin's bartender Lindsey and manager Ori.  Joy has celtic heritage and Lena was born in Iraq – photo Todd Wong

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Free Gin Martinis, were tasted by the team, courtesy of Vanessa and Van Gough Gin… must remember to invite them to our next fundraiser party.

Forrest & Leanne

Stephen and Leanne wear our “team tartan” – the Fraser Hunting tartan. photo Deb Martin

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Gung Haggis coach and clan chieftain Todd bar-hopped with bartender Lindsey – photo Deb Martin

Here are some pictures:

Gung Haggis June 08 Kilts Night

Gung Haggis June 08 Kilts Night

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