Gung Haggis dragon boat team practice review for July 13

Gung Haggis dragon boat team practices race turns in bay beside David Lam Park.

Here's a picture of Gung Haggis dragon boat team racing in the Rec C medal Final at the Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival in June. – photo Ray Shum

It sure is nice not to have the water coliform bacteria warning for the East Basin of False Creek.  We can take so much for granted in our beautiful city, that unfortunately occasionally lets raw sewage empty into False Creek.  It's a wonder that False Creek has been the model for new city development in Dubai.

But paddling out by David Lam Park on Sunday was really beautiful.  There were people walking on the sea walk.  And when are dragon boats arrived, we provided a spectator sport for them, as we practiced some race starts, then created a mini-Guts & Glory “twice around an oval” race, as we started from one end of the bay to the other.

We had taken out two Gemini boats on Sunday, roughly Vernon roster vs non-Vernon roster with 12 paddlers in each boat.  We paddled straight to Cambie Street Bridge where we traded one paddler to even out the boats, then paddled a mini race along the North Shoreline of False Creek to David Lam Park. 
It was good to see the
competitiveness come out between the two boats as they paddled side by

Highlight of the practice was doing a mini-Guts & Glory Race.
probably about 700 to 800m total, at the David Lam Park Bay….  in
anticipation of the 1000m mini G&G in Vernon.

We started beside the sculpture, then raced towards the orange marker
for the first turn, back around the sculpture, and a final turn at the
orange marker, then back to the sculpture to complete the race.

First boat time 5:04 

second boat time 5:19

LOTS of FUN!!!!


6pm practice tonight…
It's going to be another beautiful sunny evening…

Expect another straight-ahead paddle out to David Lam Park where we will do some technique work.

It's also Stuart Mackinnon's birthday eve…

So Stuart's choice for Gung Haggis foodie club after practice.

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