In Coca Cola's world: Mandarin=Chinese but in the real world, not all Chinese are Mandarin

Marketing Coca-Cola through the Olympics will lead to linguistic un-happiness

Here's a picture and commentary from my friend Patrick Tam.  Whenever I have traveled abroad, I have marveled at the linquistic mistakes in English by non-native English speakers, as phrases and words become “lost in translation.”  Patrick has found an example of a mislabeled language.

DSC_217047656a - Multinational corporation carelessness by FlungingPictures.– photo Patrick Tam

a multinational company like Coca-Cola to commit such an elementary
mistake shows the unwillingness to research a simple thing like the
difference between “mandarin” and “Chinese.” The difference is like
“hear” and “listen”, “see” and “watch.” “Lighten up” is not to set
something on fire.


The correct usage is, of course, “Chinese.”

All Chinese people who can read the same written language, irrespective of what dialect s/he speaks, understands what those four characters say. 
OTOH, Mandarin is a spoken dialect.


Until Coca-Cola make speaking cans, they would be correct. But till then, whomever Coca-Cola consulted on this should be fired.

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