Take your picture with some of BC's most fascinating people at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria

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Where is Joy Kogawa in this picture? 
Where is Chief Dan George?
Where is Yip Sang?
Where is Emily Carr?
Where is poet Susan Musgrave?
Where are the Beachcombers' Bruno Gerussi and Relic?
Where is Amor de Cosmos?
is the interactive photo display in front of the Royal BC Museum, in Victoria BC,  for
the “Free Spirit” exhibition celebrating the 150th Anniversary of
British Columbia.  These pictures are from “The Party” display which
features 150 of BC's most fascinating people.  This picture was taken when Deb and I went to Victoria on August 8th to attend the “150 Years in Golden Mountain” awards gala.  
display also features Japanese-Canadian David Suzuki and other famous
authors such as Jane Rule, Douglas Coupland, PK Page and Dorothy
Check out the website and find Joy and David Suzuki in:
you can stand behind Joy, as Kogawa House committee member Deb Martin
is doing.  This picture of Joy was taken by Kogawa House committee
members Deb and Todd Wong- who is is also featured in “The Party”

The exhibition opened in March, and Deb and I went to visit “Joy” in April:
read our story: Traveling to “The Party” at BC Royal Museum

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 “The Party” exhibit with some of BC's “fascinating” citizens including: (front row) founding governor James Douglas, Betty Krawcyk, Joy Kogawa, Karen Magnusson, Herb Doman; (second row): Vikram Vij, Cindy Lee, Gordon Campbell, Gordon Shrum. – photo Todd Wong

Our second visit to the RBCM this year was to see the picture of Todd Wong in the museum when I was “voted in” along with Trevor Linden.
“Toddish McWong” installed at the “Free Spirit” exhibition at Royal BC Museum

Many friends have been taking trips to Victoria and returning to Vancouver, saying they have seen me in the Museum.

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 Todd Wong stands in front of former Prime Minister Kim Campbell, but behind King Freezy, Chee-al-thluc, Chief of the Songhees people. Also in this picture are “The Beach Combers”, “The Raging Grannies,” Sir Matthew Bailiee Begbie aka “The Hanging Judge Begbie”, Premier W.A.C. Bennet, Rosemary Brown, Sen. Mobina Jaffer, Roderick Haig-Brown – photo D. Martin.

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