UBC Day of the Long Boat: Gung Haggis dragon boat team gets ready for next practice 1:30 Sunday

The UBC Day of the Longboat is the largest voyageur canoe race in North America.  Take over 100 teams of university students, staff and community teams, give them one canoe orientation clinic, then put them on the water in heats of ten for a bumper car style race start.  It's crazy!

10 voyageur canoes race towards a single buoy to turn right, The Gung Haggis team is in the foreground. Todd is steering.  Kristine is lead stroke. photo Dave Samis.

The community team event is on Sunday Sept 28th, so this weekend we will do an orientation in the voyageur canoes.  The Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat paddlers first entered this race supplementing the Tacoma DBA team in 2004.

read our past adventures at the longboat race:
2007: Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team braved the white cap waves of Sunday's UBC Day of the Long Boats

2006: UBC Day of the Longboat – I paddle the distance equivalent of 16 dragon boat races in one day

2005: UBC Day of the Longboat – Full contact voyageur canoe bumper car race mayhem

2004: Day of the Longboat: voyageur canoe race

Check out the race description from the website:

Race Route Description

team members will begin in their boat, except for their runner, who
will start in a chair on the beach. Once the starting horn is sounded,
the runner will run to and enter their boat, at which point teams will
begin to paddle.

Teams will head straight for approximately
50m until they reach the first buoy. At the first buoy, teams will make
a 90 degree right turn, then race around a rocky point and toward the
Baton Pick-up location on the shore. Once the boat reaches the shore,
one team member must exit the boat and pick-up one baton from the
beach. After that team member has re-entered the boat with the baton,
the team will head back out towards the second buoy, where they will
make a 90 degree left turn. From there, teams will head to the third
and final buoy where they will make their final 90 degree left turn
towards the finish line.

Upon reaching the shore, the team
member wearing the team's race number will jump out of the boat,
carrying their baton and run up the beach to hit the gong.

Route Map

Click to enlarge

Sunday 1:30 Gung Haggis dragon boat practice.
I think we will go back to Sunday afternoons because:
more people had challenges meeting the 10am morning time.
Weather is getting colder too.

UBC Day of the Long boat – CLINIC ORIENTATION
4pm  – same as last year.

We have more men than women wanting to do long boat this year.
have switched the entry from MIXED to MENS.   Last year we raced 8 men
with 2 women, Sarah and Kristine – I am sure that Gayle and Pash will
be up to the task.

Last year our Men's team was right behind TD
Lightning, and they were surprised when they learned we had 2 women on
the boat.  We will certainly surprise them with Gayle and Pash!

Day of the Long Boat is a challenging but fun race.  2 km in a 10
person voyageur canoe, while English Bay waves bounce you up and down.
Races – 1st race around 9am, and 2nd race around 2pm (schedule to be
confirmed).  There is waiting around between races… and lots of UBC
students as there are over 100 teams.

Here is our team roster:

Todd W.
Tzhe L.
Stephen M.
Tony L.
Dan S.
Richard M.
Joe E.

Ernest W.
Jim B.
Hillary W.
Jonas N.

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