Grouse Grind: to break the 1 hour barrier

Gung Haggis dragon boaters climb Grouse Grind in less than an hour.

Team members from the Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team have been regularly doing the Grouse Grind in North Vancouver this year.  We started as a team event two years ago on Canada Day, and repeated last year.  This year, team members have been making regular treks up the Grind to improve their times and their fitness.

The following report is written by Dave Samis.  Photos by Dave Samis.

Today (the 20th) your team went
back to that staircase from Hell for another go at it.

There was a light rain prior to our ascent which
resumed when we were on the stairs.
The group quickly split with Hillary and Dave
powering up the Grind with the intent of doing better than before.  In fact, these
two were trying to get to the top in less than an hour.  To our knowledge
no one at one of the Gung Haggis Grind climbs has a done that and the best time
known was Hillary's during the last climb when she did it in 1hr and 5
Other people have done the Grind in less time but
for this team, on a Saturday, when it is raining, breaking an hour is
 Above Hillary disappearing behind the 1/4 way
up sign.
Like an endless staircase from Hell.  That's
Hillary above going up and up without a rest.
As we climbed it looked possible to break the hour
then as we passed the 3/4 mark Hillary announced only 13 minutes left to break
the hour we have to do the last quarter in 13 minutes.  Later shee called
out 8 minutes to go.
Hillary got to the top in 58
  Dave got the top right after
at 59.5 minutes – just under the hour.
Joe and Raph arrived at to summit much

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