NAAAP honours Harry Aoki, Robert Fung and Maggie Ip for their leadership

NAAAP Vancouver wanted to put their 2008 Spotlight on Leadership Celebration on newsmakers “who innovate, educate and collaborate” to make Metro Vancouver a better community

2008_Nov5 033 by you.

 Even host Jaeny Baik, of CBC TV's Living Vancouver, congratulates Robert Fung for the business and professional achievement category, as NAAAP Communications Chair Sharon Mah presents the award – photo Todd Wong

November 5th

2008_Nov5 044

Robert Fung
Honouree Business and Professional Achievement
Developer, heritage and sustainability advocate

2008_Nov5 032

Harry Aoki
Honouree Arts and Media
Composer, Musician

2008_Nov5 021

Maggi Ip
Honouree Community Service and Cultural Promotion
Co-founder of SUCCESS

Nominees attending
Anna Fung
Joyce Lam
Karin Lee
Raymond Louie
Indira Prahst

It was amazing to discover that so many of my friends were nominated.
I first met Robert Fung when he was chair of the Canadian International Dragon Boat Society when I was on the race committee in 2001. I have known Maggie Ip, mostly through her husband Kelly, and because of both their community work.  Harry has been a wonderful musical friend since 2002 when he first attended a Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinner, and we have performed together many times since.  He has been a valuable advisor for the Save Kogawa House campaign.

2008_Nov5 016Raymond Louie, Vancouver city councilor was a nominee
for community service and cultural promotion.  Here he watches the
events, sitting between Harry Aoki and Robert Fung, with Maggis Ip –
photo Todd Wong

2008_Nov5 009 Nominees Anna Fung, Joyce Lam, Indira Prahst and Karin Lee – photo Todd Wong

I've known Raymond Louie since 2002, when I first met his wife when she was on the board of Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society.  Since then, Raymond and I continue to cross paths on many issues and events.  He was a big supporter of our “Save Kogawa House” campaign.  This year, I was a member of his committee for his bid to win the mayoral nomination for Vision Vancouver.

I first met Joyce Lam when she was one of NAAAP's event coordinators.  It has been a pleasure to attend her events for Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre where she is founder and president.

Karin Lee is a film maker, and I got to know her during the 2005-2006 campaign for Chinese Head Tax Redress. Last year, we featured her as a guest presenter at a Canadian Club Vancouver luncheon for Asian Heritage Month.

I met Anna Fung earlier this year in April, when we both received BC Community Achievement Awards from Premier Gordon Campbell at Government House.

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NAAAP Spotlight on Leadership

NAAAP Spotlight on Leadership

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